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Welcome to the Land of Dragolin!

Here lie the tales told from the land of Dragolin;
The Heartland in the Realm of Tular.

With great power lying hidden within the land this small group decide discover their true purpose and begin to make a difference in this world.

The land of Dragolin is in utter chaos as civil war rages through the once glorious Dragolin Empire.

In the east Grizzalin is in panic trying to hold onto the last of the old empire as enemies of old and new hide around every corner.

In the west The old lands of Mogrim are fighting for power. War is creeping around every corner and evil is leaking through the cracks of this one peaceful land. War in the west causing greater panic; and fears are beginning to rise as the armies of the North begin to march.

Everyone prays to the gods for help with the hope that the great five will one day come back to take their rightful place on the throne.

Will the great party of old return to quell the chaos?
Or will there be someone new to answer the call?

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