Dragolin Fables: Tales of the 4th age

The Fourth Realm
The party loses another member, and learns much of their situation.

After getting through the horde of Troglodytes and Kobolds we made it down to the fourth level of the dungeon. A Daemon was found hidden in Tenser’s workshop on this level, it was quickly despatched thanks to the quick work of our holy priests. The students of magic quickly took to studying the journals and research notes scattered haphazardly around the desk as well as the various reagents on the alchemical workbench. Numerous facts regarding the River Styx, and it’s relation to this place, were found and the knowledge granted allowed the magic-friendly folk to explain the situation regarding the Dero and the Charonadaemon.

While the group bickered about the proper course of action to take given the circumstances the thieves [[:cery-felfur | Cery] and Maalik went in search of more valuable things than common books. In a nearby room they discovered not only a smithy but a vast array of chests and lockboxes, whilst the pair set about unlocking them all the rest of the party arrived to open the chests with the thieves.

The entire party lost consciousness upon lifting the lids of the chests, soon however Cery opened his normally piercing eyes to reveal dull dilated copies as he arose. Roaring unintelligably about injustice and being abandoned by the proud people he swung wildly at the fragile Anya bringing her low, luckily for her however as his arm rose to end her the powerful wizard Thaddeus thrust his hand at the assailant. Cery slouched slightly and looked upon his new opponent with confusion, his eyes remaining dull and unfocussed, before he could react further the wizard brought his other hand to bear and narrowed his elvish eyes at the thief who without warning arched his back as a mysterious Imp’s tail protruded through his chest. In the thieves final moments he grasped the Imp roughly and, reaching his crossbow from his belt, took aim at the Imp’s small temple, the now awoken party looked on in shock as the crossbow splinters in the betrayer’s hand and lodges the black tipped bolt deep in his wrist before he falls to the floor with an audible crack.

There is no reprieve for the party however as Maalik stabs the Imp through the chest as it tries to float away from it’s target. As it’s body is pierced Thaddeus’ face turns white and he falls to one knee, breathing heavily; Steve the Imp is no more. While the party blink sleep from their eyes and take stock of what has just occured the dwarf Bill Silveraxe‘s head lolls on his shoulders before righting and opening his now dull eyes. After fighting amongst each other watching a mysterious spirit clothed like a bandit with a cloak jump from one person to the next the warriors of "Ah’Nor":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/dragolin-fables/wikis/ah-nor-goddess-of-ancestry and Pelor combined to drive the creature from it’s newest host, that Maalik could pierce it’s soul with his Dwarven sword. As the spirit’s howls left the party’s ears all that remained was a black shard, taking it in his hand Maalik wrapped the shard in his fallen comrade’s cloak before hefting the body to his shoulder and slowly walking from the spirit’s old domain.

Seeking rest and peace once more the party saw to their wounds in Tenser’s workshop once more, thinking on the loss of one so new and so useful to their group.

Soon they were off, vengeance in the blood of some and new appreciation of life in others they soldiered onwards to the bridge. Boldly, Silveraxe walked through the smooth stonework archway bisecting the bridge, and abruptly collapsed before dropping to the pit below. As the party looked on a large box like creature of green slime slowly moved towards the death-like dwarf, moments before it would overtake and consume him however Bill jumps up and away from the beast. The party breath a sigh of relief at the safety of their friend, but the feeling is shortlived as an all too familiar looking spirit screams at the surprised dwarf. The spirit screams on and on “Drowned! Betrayed! Unfair!” as the more experienced members of the group realise that this creature is not the spirit they fought before but a variation thereof, dripping and black this creature attacks the party as fast as it may. Swinging wildly the party bring the spirit low and utilising their strategy of combined magic and faith they destroy yet another ghoul of the crypt they reside in, leaving another shard for Maalik to collect as the party retreats to the relative safety of Tenser’s small workshop.

The team has much to consider about the events that transpired.

In the Tower
The magical tower, our destination.

The journey up the mountain had been strenuous and tiring and I was feeling utterly demoralised as I started to consider the injuries our party had sustained on the journey to this god forsaken place. My thoughts turned to the many fallen heroes whom we had lost on our pilgrimage, and then I make a small prayer to Raendir sullenly remembering his bravery and wishing that I was half the person he was.
By the time we reached the tower I was sick with worry, though the sight of our goal rearing overhead boosted my moral somewhat. Though I believe we may suffer more loss within the tower it is some little accomplishment to reach ones goal, and to know that soon we will have completed our current goal. Terrified of the magical capabilities this place may possess I offer to try and break through a wall, fearing what magic the gate could be enchanted with. Nobody else seems to understand the danger of our situation as I do, either that or they are unafraid of death as they told me not attempt to break in. So without ceremony Captain Vuranel Landonir the Promised decided to walk straight up to the gate and open it, granted he managed to do this safely and no trouble befell him but it might have been dangerous. Indeed, I fear that our party has become too accustomed to death as we continue losing brave comrades but rarely are tears shed, though I know we all feel the loss of Raendir. Indeed I am sure that Alathia is still heartbroken though her recent meeting with the Sphinx seems to have calmed her somewhat.
We entered the courtyard just as quickly as we had opened the gate, the whole group trampled in one after another. Once within the courtyard it was quiet as we walked towards the entrance to the tower, too quiet for my liking. I followed the group believing that there is strength in numbers, but all the while I kept an eye on the gate fearing that we had entered a trap and that the gate would should preventing us from making a quick escape. We reached the door and nothing had happened. Again I offered to try and make a hole in the wall or through one of the bricked up windows so as to avoid any possible traps, again the group felt that they should try the door first, so I held back my attempts to break. And again he pulled the door and it opened willingly, however as Vulpi leant over the threshold the door slammed shut pushing him inside, I knew there was going to be a trap.
For all we knew Vulpi could be dead, but instead of heeding this warning the others started talking about going inside. I stood back and watched considering my options, as I saw it I had two choices: go inside with the group, or stay outside and bide my time until the other half of the group arrived. They were talking about entering in some sort of formation, but I wasn’t included in this plan so I planned on waiting for the rest of the group.
No sooner had I decided on my plan of action than Logan opened the door to the tower, but then to my astonishment he proceeded to push me through it. I struggled against his strength and it seemed for a moment that I may succeed however Alathia quickly joined the struggle, and with the aid of that meddlesome wench Logan succeeded in pushing me into the tower, on my own, though I tried to pull him in with me. The door quickly slammed shut behind me and the rest of the group disappeared behind the sold wooden door, leaving me alone.
When I looked up I found myself in a delightful room, there was a small garden area in the middle with a large tree growing in it. Looking up towards the ceiling I realised that the light in the room, which seemed to mimic sunlight, was emanating from a big gem. Momentarily I was in awe but soon my thoughts were drawn back to the room and more importantly its contents. There were a variety of statues in the room, including: a porcupine, an elephant, a bore and a tiger; however Vulpi was nowhere to be seen but then I noticed that there was a broken statue.
Tentatively I resolved to approach one of the intact statues, fearing that they may be enchanted I decided to err on the side of caution advancing towards the least dangerous creature, the porcupine. I had my mind on the door the whole time, believing that I could be in need of a quick escape. Once near the porcupine statue I raised my horse headed staff and placed the end of it upon the statue, expecting that the statue might come to life but nothing happened. The room was still quiet so I started to feel reasonably safe; in fact I was quite pleased that I had found such a room considering my originally pessimistic outlook. Feeling more courageous by the so far placid state of the room I chose to cross the room and inspect the broken statue. Upon examining the pieces I managed to identify that the statue use to be a primate, as I turned round to continue examining the rest of the room something flew at me. Looking down at my chest and stomach I realised I was covered in faeces; I scanned the room search for my attacker, presumably the chimp, but to no avail the room was still apparently silent. However moments later another lump of monkey faeces flew through the air towards me from the direction of the tree and this time hitting me on the head, it reeked and I was almost covered in it, but now I scanned the tree for my primitive assailant then spotting him hiding in his lair. My initial annoyance at being covered in faeces subside as I realised I had four options: attempt to befriend the chimp, attempt to hide from him and his poo, leave the room, or retaliate and start a turf war. Not wishing to leave the room and believing that hurting him was morally wrong I decided to attempt to befriend him, so I proceeded to climb the tree but half way up I felt something brush past me and on reaching my destination I realised that the monkey had stolen one of my water skins, and now he was biting and pulling at it.
Damn! I just can’t catch a break these days. I would not like to admit to the other members of the group just how much losing the water skin hurt me but I have lost all my morale during the course of this journey. I have nearly dyed whilst attempting to save my spell book then I got kicked in the face by Alathia and lost all my gold at the same time. I’m starting to think she took it; she definitely hates me enough to have done that and all because I wanted to befriend her, I miss having friends. But enough of this ranting, and back to my account of the events in the tower.
I wished that I’d have had a banana too offer the monkey, but I thought that I may be able to offer him a gift of something in my backpack so I rummaged through it and found some rum and a sack. Thinking that a bottle of rum would be lost on him, or her I suppose, I opted to poor some of the rum on the sack, my hope being that he would take the sack and start to bite or suck at it. He approached slowly looking at me expectantly; I stood motionlessly as he advanced fearing that movement might cause him to lash out or flee, but it made no difference for as soon as he was close to me he pushed me from the tree and onto the floor then he proceeded to pee on me.
I felt a little dazed as I stood up, covered in urine. I’m not proud to confess I lost my temper, in anger I mimicked monkey sounds so loud that the sound filled the room, but this did not phase the chimp who through another poo at me. That was it I saw red, the next thing I knew I had thrown a magic missile directly at him to discourage his mischievous behaviour; which seemed to work as he stopped throwing poo at me and he disappeared into the foliage of the tree.
I took my remaining water skin and scooped up some of the water from a small pond in the garden surrounding the tree. I went to sit by the door which I had not entered through expecting that I would be unable to open the other door, then I washed my face and hands cleaning off as much of the faeces as possible until I noticed the monkey pushing at the tiger statue. Heavily suspecting that he was trying to summon a tiger, I jumped too my feet and ran through into a hallway. I spun around shutting the door behind me hoping that I was safe, but no sooner had I done this than the door opened and out jumped Baby Doll. Though I did not like being separated from the group Baby Doll was the last person I had expected or even wanted to meet, and it even caused me some apprehension remembering his or her strange behaviour towards myself and Squid Slayer when we had first met but I hoped that fate had thrown us together for protection.
We greeted each other briefly but then we turned and inspected the hallway together. Along the wall, opposite the door we had entered through, there were three doors of varying quality. One appeared very plain, the next looked slightly more intricate and the final seemed rather posh, Baby Doll suggested we exit through the poorest door believing that it would be the safest route of passage. Before approaching the door I looked at the ceiling and the floor, hoping that this would reveal any traps, but all seemed well so I followed Baby Doll crossing to plainest door. On the door there was a mouth and as we turned the handle the mouth began to speak to us in riddle, we did the same for the other two doors both issuing us a different riddle; each seeming as difficult as the next. Now we determined to work out the riddle for the rich door suspecting that great rewards may be found within, we were there for what felt like hours working on the riddle and slowly the door began to wriggle as we made guesses to the answer, getting nearer and nearer to the solution.
Every now and then we would get side tracked and we would start to talk about our pasts, leading me to learn more and more of Baby Doll’s history. The things he told me of his past were moving and I slowly started to feel comfortable around him (indeed I found out that Baby Doll was in fact a male) and not only that, but his real name was Hercillean or Herc for short. Despite our procrastination and delays we eventually we came to the answer; which was something like ‘sunrise over daisies’, or something stupid like that.
When we entered the room we soon realised that it had been worth our time and effort, the bed looked expansive and soft and all the furnishings were made of expensively lavish materials. Part of me wanted to stay in the room forever as I was slowly assured of its safety, but I knew that we must leave at some point so as to depart from the tower and continue on our adventures, whether that may be separately or collectively I am yet to know.
I went into a corner and poured the remainder of the water in my water skin onto my hair washing out as much of the faeces as possible before my attentions were drawn to a cupboard, with the enticing prospect of clean robes to replace the dirty rags that currently protected me from exposure. In the cupboard there were piles of silk robes in a variety of colours and all of them trimmed with gold, I picked out a set which were iridescent black and purple. I changed into them quickly particularly aware that Herc was in the room though his attention seemed to be detained by a small locked box which he was attempting to prise open. I then went to the dressing table and seeing a bottle of incense I splashed a small quantity onto my neck and wrists, with the hope that it would mask any lingering smells though I was no longer sensitive to the stench that I assumed was still emanating from me. After I had used it I put the incense into my bag, along with a very nice brush set that was on the dressing table, if I wasn’t going to get some use out of them myself I could sell them later to pay back my debts to Squid Slayer and Valten. I realised Herc had opened the box and he was holding a selection of gems stones in his hand, as I approached him and he offered me a gem which he identified as an Onyx worth 5,000 gold pieces, apparently of equal value to the combined cost of the three other stones. Though I doubted the legitimacy of his statement I decided not to argue as I needed him as an ally whilst trapped alone together.
He changed into a fresh set of robes and we discussed the merit of sleeping in the bed before deciding against this. We thought about the two other riddles which we had not solved before we eventually proceeded through the exit door, entering into a room quite different from the one which we were just in. The first thing which grabbed ones attention was a glowing gem in a cage in the middle of the room, but on closer inspection of the room there was writing on the wall which made no sense to me, though I guessed that there was something that we were not meant to say. Though I was wary of the writing Herc read the words he out loud, causing the fire gem to glow and from its depth appeared four goblin. Again my cowardice got the better of me and with Herc at my heals I ran to the exit door, as heroically he turned to defend me but the door yielded before the goblins had time to attack and pulling him through with me we ran through into the dark obis.
The feeling of dread which had suddenly filled me did not abate once away from the goblins as the new room which I ran into was shroud in the shadows of darkness, a solitary dim light emanated from somewhere in front of me. We had no way to make a light for ourselves so we tentatively progressed down what originally seemed to be a hallway. After a reasonably short while we were presented with a choice, whether to turn and follow a different path or continue on the road which we were on. I believe I may speak for both of us when I say that we were starting to fear that we had unknowing entered a maze, which was particularly not ideal considering the dangers which I knew would be likely to present themselves in a place with such magical significance but as this was not confirmed I attempted to steady my nerve as Herc tried to decide which path may lead us to the quickest exit. Declaring that he felt air coming from one of the paths I suggested we followed, hoping that it would lead us to an exit. However the breeze which had briefly given us the hope of a quick exit had dissipated by the time we reached another divide so we chose a path at random and continued on our way.
I attempted to keep a mental note of the turns we took but I must admit that I was soon at a loss as to how many turns we had taken and in what direction, so I will only recount events which I particularly remember, the first one being our encounter with a trap. I had positioned myself behind Herc for protection, though whether he realised this was my tactic I am unsure, and as we continued along the dark corridor in silence the first sound to penetrate this was that of a small snap, like a piece of thread breaking. This was soon followed by a thud as a large indiscernible mass fell from the ceiling, in front of Herc, swinging forward and hitting him squarely in the torso throwing him to the ground. After a small moment’s pause due to the fear induced by such an encounter we continued our progress through the maze.
In one part of the maze there was a powerful smell of decay which made is back away, fearful that there may be zombies nearby, and in another we found some torches on the wall. Not daring to take them in case it was a trap, Herc took a torch from his bag and we lit it on the flames presented appetisingly before us then, though the corridor continued round past the torches, on Herc’s instructions we returned the way we came, he seemed hesitant of proceeding past the torches fearing a trap – I respected that.
After wondering around for a while, and feeling that we had been down this corridor a million times already, we saw a turning which led through an archway. Herc tried to persuade and then force me to continue down the corridor before him, but knowing my strength and foreseeing danger I protested eventually almost refusing to advance unless he went ahead to check that it was safe, and in the end that was exactly what happened, he unexpectedly disappeared into the shadows reappearing a couple of long minutes later informing me that the exit did not lie ahead so we turned round and head back the way we came.
I took us what felt like an age wondering around the maze but eventually we found the lights again, this time we decided to pass but only after putting out our torch fearing that they may trigger a trap. We wondered through the maze eventually hearing a dripping sound which was unfamiliar too us, so at least we hadn’t been down the corridor before but only our fallen heroes could know whether we were on the right path, here I spare a thought for the mighty Raendir with the hopes that one day I will be able to look back on his heroics that saved me so many times and rejoice in safety which he will have provided but also know that I repaid my debt too mankind in some way. After hearing the sound of the water we were soon bounding through corridors meeting no resistance and eventually stumbled to the exit, opening the door. But what awaited us was disheartening, we opened the door to a black room that looked the same as before and as we stumbled about in the dark we came across the trap we had already triggered, the smell of death, the arch, then the torches… we had re-entered the maize but this time we moved quick we wondered through the maze search for the lights then listening for the sound of water until eventually reached the exit. My fears about the magical capacity of the tower were strengthened, I feared entering the maze for a second time but what was worse I thought about the likelihood of finding the exit our chances looked bleak and I feared what we might find next.

Ruby is Confused
Why oh why oh why oh why did they take me.

The day began with the big one feeding me, it was a deliciously good morning. Trotting along near the party I could smell new friends approaching; an elf crests the hill before us, my senses tell me he is a chaotic evil illusionist thief, he also smells vaguely of necromancy. I liked him. We travelled further as the newcomer got acquainted with my feeders.

Steadily bobbing along in our comfy cart filled with food and money I smelled ogres on the horizon, several ogres. Squealing with fear and apprehension I try to alert the young oaf but he just strokes me and rubs my back, I swear I was still worried for the safety of the party but I quietly oinked appreciatively anyway. Strangely everyone was still surprised when the ogres attacked later in the day… I assumed the idiotic farmer would be surprised, he’s surprised by most things, but the Liar I thought better of, oh well.

There is much commotion as the ogres snap branches and crush small rocks in their vague attempt at ambushing us, I really must learn a way to alert the group. I sit happily on the back of the cart observing as my friends slowly come to wakefulness, Nameless quickly clambers atop the cart and readies his spells, with confidence in his team and bravery in his eyes he waits.

As I mourned the loss of our brave companion the vultures swept in, Methis leapt in from the roof of the cart where moments before our friend was torn from us by the vicious Ogres as the rest of our troupe watched in horror and fear. The godly one stands at the door to the cart, thinking he is guarding our comrades worldly possessions; the gnome steals unseen by all. Vuranel roars a speech of praise for the nameless one who saved us more times than he knows and the glint of greed in everyone’s eyes dulls for the moment, everyone but the newcomer that is. “I’ll kill any who try to keep me from the prize!” he yells, Vuranel’s expression is pained and shocked, I wonder how he did not know the true nature of the elf despite my trying to show him. I do not wish to see more bloodshed this day so I shuffle disparately into the corner and lie down, eyes tightly shut, but still I hear the sound of swords ringing and spells being cast, before finally a stabbing sound followed by the unmistakeable crumple of a newly made corpse. Vuranel rightly buries the corpses with proper rites and pays due respect to their belongings.

The next few weeks are mournful and quiet, we are alone on this desolate path. My boy spends some time trying to teach me to fetch and other such activities, I indulge him to cheer his spirits, of course the treats didn’t hurt either. Eventually we arrive at the next city on our quest where we discover a most pressing dilemma, the man we need to speak with is nowhere to be found. After searching for some time we discover that he is currently in prison, to be executed soon, two brothers join us in our efforts to free him, one is likely what my boy will become given a score of years while the other is infinitely more interesting, I know nothing about him. Not a thing. He certainly warrants more investigation, perhaps I shall smell him later and he might stroke my back.

Valten wakes me up in the middle of the night and drags me along with him, the gnome and the grieving Alathia, my heart goes out to her, I soon realise we are doing something very stupid. Smart people do not try and break someone out of a judges prison compound in the middle of the night, and yet here we are.

The thieves leave us as Valten and I approach the guards, he attempts to engage them in conversation, no doubt a distraction technique. My wandering mind is brought abruptly back to the situation at hand when I hear the words “My pig does magic tricks.” Why he would ever say that I have no idea but I was forced to play along. After some rudimentary commands and sleight of hand the idiot guards take us into the back room out of the cold, Valten sits down to play poker and I just lie by the fire wondering why we are in a room surrounded by guards as our thieves slowly and clumsily make their way to the man who they’ve never seen before.

Arriving at Easture

Since visiting the shipwreck, we all suffered from a low morale. The loss of a party member isn’t a feeling many of us are likely to forget; I aren’t sure if it was because members of the party had particularly grown to like Xela, or if it was because we were all harshly reminded of the imminent dangers of our adventure. Thankfully the last couple of days onboard remained calm and uneventful. Good, since I’m not sure how much fight people had left in them.

As soon as we got to dry land, we all wandered straight to the tavern (apart from Valten who I actually saw stop and kiss the ground for a while) to celebrate our safe passage. It was hard to move in the place because of all the Dwarves from the ship. We adventurers found a place to talk fairly privately and most spoke freely about their feelings with regard to where this adventure is going. Enough people were openly questioning the motives of Fir’on to make me nervous. They trust each other too freely; all it would take is one person to tell who said what and all our heads could be on plates by the morning. What a buffet that would be.
It soon became clear that it wasn’t just each other they trusted too willingly, but outsiders too; the apparent Sherriff of Easture and his Deputy approached us, asking every detail about who we are and what we were doing. Vuranel and Anya refused to stay quiet. I had to take the matter into my own hands and knock out Anya. Sadly my actions didn’t exactly go unnoticed by the two officers, resulting in our group looking somewhat more suspicious. Granted, I probably shouldn’t have aimed for her face
Worth it, though, since I got the pleasure of knocking out that tactless loudmouth. Okay, a little harsh, maybe, but she should have taken the hint and kept her mouth shut.
The Paladin has some saving qualities that meant I was less inclined to knock him out, too, regardless of the officers’ presence. In the end Fir’on stepped in, made us bribe the dishonourable sods, and we were left to it under the proviso that we stay for no more than two days and give him all our names, races and jobs.
But we weren’t actually left to it.
The Deputy, a Gnome whose role in life is clearly to do the Sherriff’s bidding, was left to watch over us. Though perhaps he knows his boss better by the title ‘master’ or ‘lover’.

We went over to the Dwarven ship Captain, hoping to forget the scenario that just unfolded. He invited us to take part in another drinking contest. Anya and I had learnt our lesson from before the journey, so we took no part in it. Bill was understandably happy to have a rematch, but Valten was unsurprisingly stupid enough to take part alone against those two. Predictably, Valten ended up losing and paying for the drinks. Less predictably, Bill won the Captain and thus his prized Golden Goblet. The surprise on the Dwarves’ faces… Well, Squid Slayer became even more revered.

After that excitement, we each retired to our own rooms. Well, apart from me and Raendir. We went to his room.

The following morning, the two of us spoke about something that had started to bother me; Korben not knowing about what was going on between the two of us. I asked him if he minded me telling him, and what exactly he thought I should say. After his initial, disappointing answer of “whatever you want”, I got out of him that he was actually serious about us. We’re on the same page, then, thank gods.

Breakfast was followed by a disturbing announcement that the two lovers — sorry — officers, were to be joining our quest as guides for the journey ahead. None of us were particularly pleased about that, but Fir’on would accept no one’s objections.

After that, we each went our own ways into town to stock up on supplies. I went into town to buy a new bow, but the (unprovoked) rude Dwarf in charge got his bouncer to attack me. Hit him in the face, dodged his hit and he let me walk away. Didn’t think he’d want to keep going after that embarrassment.

I also took my opportunity to talk to Korben about me and Raendir. He said he’d already worked it out. Sometimes I wonder if he knows me too well. Anyway, he warned me to be careful, clearly looking out for me, but that’s about it.

When we all returned to the Tavern, the real fun began. Valten had found a poster advertising the local gladiator ring. Whispers of such a place in Easture were known to us all, so to have the possibility to visit the arena was incredible. Valten, however, was eager to participate in a tier 1 contest.
It was a match that kept the audience glued to their seats; 8 Orcs vs. Valten and (the cleverly named) Dog, his Hunting Dog. Even with his hangover slowing him down, he somehow managed to win.
With the encouragement of that victory, Squid Slayer and Vuranel went for tier 2, fought two bugbears and won. Another very impressive and exciting match.
The most impressive match by far (though, granted, I’m slightly biased) was Vuranel, Everius Vulpi and I in a tier 3 match against close to 80 bandits- or at least that’s what it felt like. I was hardly injured, but Vuranel and Everius both came close to death. Vuranel somehow arose after passing out. The way the sun shone upon the Paladin at that moment was enough to wonder if his god, Pelor, is actually real.

So, with five of us leaving Easture with at least one medal, and most of us leaving much richer than when we arrived, there were definitely benefits to visiting the place. We’re just going to have to wait and see how much of a problem the two supposed ‘law-enforcers’ turn out to be. I have a bad feeling about those two…
- Alathia

Raendir's diary
cabin fever

Raendir’s Diary
We had spent the night in a small port south of Dalbor and boarded a Dwarven trading vessel Firon had gained us passage on. The captain told us we were not permitted below decks with the crew and the other passengers (mostly merchants nothing of importance), our quarters were large enough and even included a desk. After checking my room, just like you always told me, I wandered back up to the deck and talked to the captain for most of the day. The rest of the group seemed to just laze about, apart from the dwarf (Silveraxe whom I’ve mentioned before) who I admire for approaching the captain and working on the ship (this one will be valuable if he can survive), but I followed the captain and have seemed to get onto his good side. That night we were invited to the captain’s table and we all dressed for the honor, the captain being the pirate he is got drunk and demanded to hear some sort of tale form our past, I listened to the groups tales which were mostly horse and keeping your teachings in mind told them a tale from my youth as an orphan and how the church chased me through the streets and how I eventually came into the church of Pelor as a clerical-magician. This gained me a jewel from the captain and an interesting look from the “human healer” we picked up at the forest camp (she is almost certainly a thief of some sort and I’d bet my spell book she’s half-elven even if she herself cannot see it, she takes our teaching’s and flourishes, you’d like this one) she may be romantically connected to the priest Korbin but I’m not sure when I know so shall you.
The next few days passed without event… a few islands to the south and a few trading ships passed by. During the Journey we encountered a group of Triron’s who were very aggressive due to pirates killing them and told us that many creatures of the deep were rising and becoming aggressive to protect the Triton’s. I managed to talk them down (the human soldier came with me, the idiot with the big mouth not the idiot with the animals, but I managed to interrupt him before he could offend them and wreck the whole thing) and even gained there respect, the general who led them even gave me a coral necklace and the thief defiantly smiled at me… I know you told me not to get too attached to the group but I can’t help myself, I promise I will try to push the attraction down but I’m not promising results. That night the captain in another drunken stupor wagered another gem on a contest of the magical variety. The elf used a spell to create a woman of lights and danced with her, the girl tried to do something with a floating chicken and some sort of song but it didn’t work properly, the cleric simply stood in the centre of the room and said impressed to the captain (the captain seemed honestly impressed) finally the illusionists travelling with us below deck stood up. Armatures by the looks of them it took 4 of them to conjure up a “ghost” who wailed unconvincingly and then left the stage…. Complete armatures, probably trained by some hack on a street corner. Now I know you’re going to complain about it but I took some precautions I had darkness up so no-one saw the trick but the captain and I managed to conjure up a howl to mask any other noises, it was only a few wolves and seahorses dancing about.… the idiot captain enjoyed it and I managed to get a pearl out of it.
Again not a lot of activity until we were attacked by a giant octopus… with some impressive tricks by the Dwarf involving a harpoon and some very dexterous moves for a Dwarf we managed to defeat the octopus. The next night the thief and I shared a glass of wine and she is defiantly not romantically attached to the cleric (she is definitely one to keep). Before the end of the journey we came across a wreck and naturally they wanted the party to investigate and I, Alathia and the elf went to the cargo hold hoping to find some decent plunder, in hindsight I should have taken a warrior with us but when I saw that chest waiting there in the water it was too easy to simply dive in and pull it out. As it turns out it was a trap from a Morkoth and it didn’t go well. Whatever the warriors were doing it must have been important as they didn’t even turn up to fight this beast of a creature and I woke up in my cabin with Alathia and some new bruises and cuts I didn’t have the other day. Were almost to Khait and ill check in at a later date.
You’re Student

The Beginning of a Crusade

We set off from Dwine as early as everyone was up and ready. Unfortunately this was not as soon as I’d hoped; we did not leave till roughly mid day. Some of this team needs a serious discipline boost.

The first few days passed without a huge amount of interest. We travelled, getting to know each other slightly better through stories. At night our guardsman, Everius, offered to keep watch.

After a couple of days we ran into our first problem. We set the fire going, and set down to rest while Everius kept watch. It wasn’t long before he woke me with news of noises coming from a nearby shrub. We approached to investigate, when suddenly the whole group was surrounded by wolves! We readied our weapons, shouting to alert the others to the danger. We were victorious, with the aid of Fir’on and what appeared to be some mysterious magical trap. It turns out some of the group are… more useful in combat than others. After hitting our horse, I feel that Anya might need to have her darts confiscated.

We set off again the next morning, rested up after our unfortunate encounter. Another few uneventful days passed, until we came a small group of tents. There was smoke in the distance. While Bill was distracted by this, he unfortunately drove the cart into a small ditch. As the two of us jumped out to investigate, we saw a large spider. After agreeing to leave it alone, we heard a scream behind us. Everius charged into the spider, slicing it in two with his sword. I sighed. From a nearby hole emerged ten spiders, clearly enraged by this incident. We fought hard again, and were almost overwhelmed until an arrow flew across and struck the spider Bill was about to kill.

Alathia and Karbon, two healers from the camp, had overheard our plight and came to our aid. I thanked them, and we spoke of events preceding our journey. Eventually they were convinced to join us, possibly for selfish reasons such as personal gain. Either way, everyone agreed they would be a valuable asset to the ragtag team.

We soon came across the edge of the forest. It was not long into the darkness that we came across our first challenge. And, unsurprisingly, it came from within the group. We had to deal with the simple mind of our pig-farmer. After seeing what he thought was his beloved pig run across the road, he jumped out of the cart without a second thought. I doubt he’s had a second thought in his life. Bill unsuccessfully tried to restrain him, and in the end we had to bring him down with an arrow, courtesy of the helpful Alathia. After briefly tending his wounds, we continued down the road.

A couple of days passed when we came across a body in the road. I jumped down from the cart and was joined by Bill, and we told everyone to wait in the cart while we had a look. Of course listening to the voice of reason is too much to ask in a situation like this, and everyone promptly jumped down off the cart and proceeded to partake in silliness. Raendir and Alathia felt it was appropriate to climb up trees, Anya decided to run head first into a tree and everyone else decided to argue about what they wanted to do about this body. While trying to keep everyone under control, the so called ‘corpse’ had disappeared from the road, and was in fact climbing up into the driving seat of the cart. Shortly after we were pelted by arrows, and that was almost the end of our journey. Fortunately we are travelling with the experienced Fir’on, and survived once again, against the odds. Bill and I had to have severe words with Fir’on, however, after he tortured a bandit for information.

After a few more days uneventful travel, we arrived at the port. I told our newcomers that Fir’on had given us gold for joining the journey, and he agreed to give them 150 each if they found some coral for our sea journey. It apparently gives good luck at sea. I’ll stick to praying, I think. After Raendir helped acquire the coral, we prepared for the journey and met the captain of the ship we are travelling in. Bill, Anya, Alathia and the captain had a drinking competition. The captain won, of course. I watched over it to make sure my companions were alright.

And that brings me to the end of this journal. I’m currently in my cabin, trying to keep my illness at bay. I hope if I travel at sea again I’ll be more helpful.

Unto the Desert and the land of the Illusionist

Windows of Opportunity

On a fresh spring night in the town of Dwine, a young Dwarf from the east, ready for an adventurous world of trials, tales and treasure was biding his time behind the bar of an Inn. The Old Oak was quiet this particular night except for a single room booking.

As the hour of the booking closed, the regulars were joined by, a selection of strange travellers. Armed with both weapons, magic and religious tokens, the locals left earlier than normal, leaving the dwarf to serve the strangers until a hooded half elf appeared, gathered the group and lead them too the booked room.

From what he had gathered from the strangers as he served, they were to meet about a quest. Cautiously and curiously he pressed the mysterious, hooded half elf with questions about his business.

After a dismissive answer, merely stating he was here to hire help, the dwarf threw his services at the hooded stranger, realising his time to leave this town had come. Listening to the tale and resources the dwarf would bring, the stranger agreed to let the naïve dwarf enter his discussions and proposal.

Inside the room the strange selection of individuals had gathered. Next to the fire, sat a noble paladin and a powerful magician from the tower of Pelor.

By the table, two magicians sat conversing. One a human female and the other a male elf the sight of the two of them together could have easily frightened a few locals away with whispers of magic paranoia.

A well-dressed, noble warrior was sat next to the bar; his mighty claymore resting on the floor, a piglet examining the weapon. The piglet’s owner looked to be a local farmer. Still he was armed and looked to be handy in a fight.

The hooded stranger, calling for the group’s attention, explained the gathering travellers. The quest presented to the group came with a certainty of treasure and adventure that the dwarf was longing for. For each individual’s reasons, the other travellers agreed to travel to this treasure-lined tomb in the Khait Desert also; whether it be for gold, honour, or spreading the name of their lord.

With the generous payment of a hundred gold each, the evening was spent drinking, gambling and conversing with one another till the early hours of the next morning.

After informing the Inn owner of his immediate departure, the dwarf gathered his belongings and left for Port Dahlor with his new companions by his side with and the rising sun overhead. Ahead of them lay the fortune, glory and adventures that children would hear in stories for many an age.

Bill Silveraxe, Squid Slayer

At the end of a Chapter
The Final story of the Party of Seining Point

Pelor amaunator

An Extract from the Journal of Brother Straggle the High Inquisitor of Pelor

Dragoday 19th Yondar

Report Log Update

Inquisition: The Tragedy of Seining Point
Status: Ongoing
Inquisition Phase: Suspect Acquisition
Update of Record: New Suspect Evidence
Location: City of Dwine, Sylbatch, SW Dragolin

My Investigation into the necromantic crimes continues and it appears to have taken a rather unnerving turn. It intrigues me how within the small village of Seining Point a quite discomforting tale of countless horrors has begun. Horrors so great that the evil that might have escaped my grasp could instigate the path to an unyielding apocalyptic future, as foretold by the prophecy. I have eliminated this vile anxiety at the very heart and it power is weaning. However until I have eliminated all of the variables I cannot be certain that this evil has been overcome.

Within my findings I have quite often been reporting on what I have considered a side note to this investigation. With recent findings I understand now that this band of menfolk have been a major impact to the whole enquiry. Their meaning was clear, but their method was unwholesome. As mentioned they attempted to eliminate the problem and save their village, but within their ranks lay menfolk with twisted hearts of grey. Evidence has been found that many members of the party had evil intentions and even worshipped gods of an evil nature. All these members will be inquired, rectified and then sanctioned within the light of Pelor.

My college and friend the Wizard Drenches Tint has informed me of his encounters with the party and has revealed some interesting findings. Within their possession is an unholy and inherently powerful artifact formally named the “Death Rock”; an item powerful enough to turn any man into a demigod, if that man possesses the knowledge to unlock the power within. It is a danger to the great balance and must be sanctified before it is used for a great evil. Unfortunately my college believes that the fate of this rock should lie within the possession of a small 13-year-old girl; a child with the essence of prophesies surrounding her. A so-called “child of fate” possessing powers beyond her comprehension. After dealing with the problems of seining point it was my duty to continue my inquiry within the party of seining point.

I was too late. Before I could catch up with this brigand of menfolk, it seems that they have succumb to the loathsome morals of Dwine. My inquiries into their whereabouts within the city seemed troublesome at first, with their names only echoing rumors of thievery, murder and Rat-gnomes. However though my ways I got the name of a pub on the east side of town, Calzone’s Inn. A safe house that up until recently has been their place of rest. When I arrived the place was in ruin; the door broken off its hinges, beer kegs split in two, tables and chairs destroyed after seemingly being used as defenses and animals chewing at corpses on the floor as their blood seeps into the rotting wood below. The stench of a death and decay fill the quiet halls of the tavern. Based on the method of destruction it appeared that they thought that they were safe here. They were wrong. It seems that they made some very powerful enemies whilst being in Dwine; founded on their track record I am not surprised.

After spending the day investigating this crime scene, looking through the evidence, communing with those that have passed on many things have come to light. Through study of journals and diary’s of the party their actions have become more self-evident. With many criminals that inhabited the party there seems to have been a glimmer of hope that glows from Litilia. Her welfare was a priority of the party and the demise of the death rock was their key goal. However I fear that the death rock and the horrific actions that resided in seining point seem to have taken a greater toll on Litilia. Within her diary are records of horrific dreams of recent describing the severed elven head of a previous mentor screaming with the power of an orc.

Inquiring into the memories of what came to pass I believe that I have drawn some conclusions of the events that have conceded. The newest member of the party Theodore Dali has a reputable reputation of making enemies in high places creating a metaphorical loaded gun to be pulled at any time. All that was needed now was the trigger. When the rumors and stories of Seining Point came to Dwine with the talkative party that they are, it was only a matter of time that the wrong people got wind of the whereabouts of the death rock. With the consuming greed of power driving their enemies, Calzone’s inn was besieged and the final battle of their lives began. The events of the battle remain clouded, however its conclusion is clear. Both sides gained many losses to only result in the remainder of the party breaking and fleeing in all directions.

NOTE: According to thorough investigation it seems that an undisclosed party has previously tampered with the crime scene. It is uncertain to what avail however it seems that great intent has gone into the attempt of concealing information from my eyes.

I assume that within the battle most of the party remains dead. Most of the possessions that the party owns have been discarded here in attempts of haste and discretion. However it seems that the band have broken three ways. Theodore Dali seems to have retreated into the slums where he seems to be attempting to gain favor with the underground movement in the area. Fir’on however made a stand against Theodore and promised salvation through an unknown contact. Based on witnesses it seems that a fight between the two sides broke out over petty squabbles and loot. These fights went on though the night and the blood slashed into the street. However these matter are of no importance to my investigation. The importance of this party lays within Litilia, the child of fate. It seems she and she alone calmed the fighting for only a moment so that all could escape.

My college instructed he party to find Theodore for he is the only man who can get the rock out of Sylbatch unnoticed. My inquiry seems to have proved him right. Most of the party followed Theodore into the slums, where they have been sentenced to die. If my investigation is correct many of them remained within the slums, slowing down the enemy and only a few seemed to have escaped. Litilia, Elizabeth and Lupe Blackbelt fell through the cracks of the slums and are on their way to destroy the Death Rock. Litilia’s gift to the world still remains uncertain but it currently seems to be a blessing. In all my ways of scrying I seem to be unable to put a track on her whereabouts. Luckily our enemy’s will find the same.

From the evidence that precedes me it appears that my inquiry into the events of seining point are almost at a close. The Inquiry of this event has brought new threats to this land to my knowledge that need to be confessed to my superiors. Many people have not been brought to justice that needs to be reconciled, the knowledge of Kraken and the drowned god repulses me and the light of Pelor will be cast upon them. However there are many twists of fate and the fate of the death rock is for the moment out of my hands. I appear to see an impasse ahead that I cannot change. The end of a chapter is at hand and the fate of the world appears at the turn of a page.

The Sanction of the Slums
To Controll with the Slums, Assassination is the only Solution

In the dank city of Dwine the mysterious faction of the Piquet have offered you a mission of great importance.

The city is ruled by a dark power-hungry house called the Grandee. A ruthless house of merchants who are obsessed with a lust for power and ignoring the freedom of the people in the process. They have cordoned those they deem worthless into a over populated, over polluted, hellhole. With this nation at war they are selling off free men as slaves to fight and die like unwilling cattle. The Slums are ruled by a ruthless peer of the Grandee Judge Torrin, a man who is profiting from this secret slavery who is aware of are presence in this city. He knows of are plans to unite the gangs of this city into a thieves guild and he wants rid of it.

We want this man DEAD. With him taken down, the slums will be taken down, The Grandee will think us a myth and the Gangs will unite. However in order for this plan to work flawlessly the assassination needs to be public and not appear to be an assassination. You do this for us and you will be rewarded.

The Piquet



Make your peace, for the Dawn is rising…

I have offered the hand of peace and received naught. Thus, as High Inquisitor, It is with great sorrow that I must decree Ultimatum Solaris. Consider this a final warning. Those not implicated in the events leading up to the outbreak at Seining Point must evacuate the area immediately. The situation has now reached a level in which I must rectify the matter personally, and with all the haste and fury granted unto me by Pelor himself. Those others, who have showed a blatant disregard not only for the will of the Gods, but of the fabric of life itself, know that you will not escape my judgement. I offered you a chance for redemption, you need only have sought me out.
Pelor amaunator
Remember, The light of Pelor pierces all shadows.
You cannot hide.
You cannot Run.
My resolve blazes with a fire more furious than ever before.

The Purging flame (High Inquisitor of Pelor)


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