Dragolin Fables: Tales of the 4th age

At the end of a Chapter

The Final story of the Party of Seining Point

Pelor amaunator

An Extract from the Journal of Brother Straggle the High Inquisitor of Pelor

Dragoday 19th Yondar

Report Log Update

Inquisition: The Tragedy of Seining Point
Status: Ongoing
Inquisition Phase: Suspect Acquisition
Update of Record: New Suspect Evidence
Location: City of Dwine, Sylbatch, SW Dragolin

My Investigation into the necromantic crimes continues and it appears to have taken a rather unnerving turn. It intrigues me how within the small village of Seining Point a quite discomforting tale of countless horrors has begun. Horrors so great that the evil that might have escaped my grasp could instigate the path to an unyielding apocalyptic future, as foretold by the prophecy. I have eliminated this vile anxiety at the very heart and it power is weaning. However until I have eliminated all of the variables I cannot be certain that this evil has been overcome.

Within my findings I have quite often been reporting on what I have considered a side note to this investigation. With recent findings I understand now that this band of menfolk have been a major impact to the whole enquiry. Their meaning was clear, but their method was unwholesome. As mentioned they attempted to eliminate the problem and save their village, but within their ranks lay menfolk with twisted hearts of grey. Evidence has been found that many members of the party had evil intentions and even worshipped gods of an evil nature. All these members will be inquired, rectified and then sanctioned within the light of Pelor.

My college and friend the Wizard Drenches Tint has informed me of his encounters with the party and has revealed some interesting findings. Within their possession is an unholy and inherently powerful artifact formally named the “Death Rock”; an item powerful enough to turn any man into a demigod, if that man possesses the knowledge to unlock the power within. It is a danger to the great balance and must be sanctified before it is used for a great evil. Unfortunately my college believes that the fate of this rock should lie within the possession of a small 13-year-old girl; a child with the essence of prophesies surrounding her. A so-called “child of fate” possessing powers beyond her comprehension. After dealing with the problems of seining point it was my duty to continue my inquiry within the party of seining point.

I was too late. Before I could catch up with this brigand of menfolk, it seems that they have succumb to the loathsome morals of Dwine. My inquiries into their whereabouts within the city seemed troublesome at first, with their names only echoing rumors of thievery, murder and Rat-gnomes. However though my ways I got the name of a pub on the east side of town, Calzone’s Inn. A safe house that up until recently has been their place of rest. When I arrived the place was in ruin; the door broken off its hinges, beer kegs split in two, tables and chairs destroyed after seemingly being used as defenses and animals chewing at corpses on the floor as their blood seeps into the rotting wood below. The stench of a death and decay fill the quiet halls of the tavern. Based on the method of destruction it appeared that they thought that they were safe here. They were wrong. It seems that they made some very powerful enemies whilst being in Dwine; founded on their track record I am not surprised.

After spending the day investigating this crime scene, looking through the evidence, communing with those that have passed on many things have come to light. Through study of journals and diary’s of the party their actions have become more self-evident. With many criminals that inhabited the party there seems to have been a glimmer of hope that glows from Litilia. Her welfare was a priority of the party and the demise of the death rock was their key goal. However I fear that the death rock and the horrific actions that resided in seining point seem to have taken a greater toll on Litilia. Within her diary are records of horrific dreams of recent describing the severed elven head of a previous mentor screaming with the power of an orc.

Inquiring into the memories of what came to pass I believe that I have drawn some conclusions of the events that have conceded. The newest member of the party Theodore Dali has a reputable reputation of making enemies in high places creating a metaphorical loaded gun to be pulled at any time. All that was needed now was the trigger. When the rumors and stories of Seining Point came to Dwine with the talkative party that they are, it was only a matter of time that the wrong people got wind of the whereabouts of the death rock. With the consuming greed of power driving their enemies, Calzone’s inn was besieged and the final battle of their lives began. The events of the battle remain clouded, however its conclusion is clear. Both sides gained many losses to only result in the remainder of the party breaking and fleeing in all directions.

NOTE: According to thorough investigation it seems that an undisclosed party has previously tampered with the crime scene. It is uncertain to what avail however it seems that great intent has gone into the attempt of concealing information from my eyes.

I assume that within the battle most of the party remains dead. Most of the possessions that the party owns have been discarded here in attempts of haste and discretion. However it seems that the band have broken three ways. Theodore Dali seems to have retreated into the slums where he seems to be attempting to gain favor with the underground movement in the area. Fir’on however made a stand against Theodore and promised salvation through an unknown contact. Based on witnesses it seems that a fight between the two sides broke out over petty squabbles and loot. These fights went on though the night and the blood slashed into the street. However these matter are of no importance to my investigation. The importance of this party lays within Litilia, the child of fate. It seems she and she alone calmed the fighting for only a moment so that all could escape.

My college instructed he party to find Theodore for he is the only man who can get the rock out of Sylbatch unnoticed. My inquiry seems to have proved him right. Most of the party followed Theodore into the slums, where they have been sentenced to die. If my investigation is correct many of them remained within the slums, slowing down the enemy and only a few seemed to have escaped. Litilia, Elizabeth and Lupe Blackbelt fell through the cracks of the slums and are on their way to destroy the Death Rock. Litilia’s gift to the world still remains uncertain but it currently seems to be a blessing. In all my ways of scrying I seem to be unable to put a track on her whereabouts. Luckily our enemy’s will find the same.

From the evidence that precedes me it appears that my inquiry into the events of seining point are almost at a close. The Inquiry of this event has brought new threats to this land to my knowledge that need to be confessed to my superiors. Many people have not been brought to justice that needs to be reconciled, the knowledge of Kraken and the drowned god repulses me and the light of Pelor will be cast upon them. However there are many twists of fate and the fate of the death rock is for the moment out of my hands. I appear to see an impasse ahead that I cannot change. The end of a chapter is at hand and the fate of the world appears at the turn of a page.



Only just seen this mate! Need part 2 now! x

At the end of a Chapter
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