Dragolin Fables: Tales of the 4th age

The Sanction of the Slums

To Controll with the Slums, Assassination is the only Solution

In the dank city of Dwine the mysterious faction of the Piquet have offered you a mission of great importance.

The city is ruled by a dark power-hungry house called the Grandee. A ruthless house of merchants who are obsessed with a lust for power and ignoring the freedom of the people in the process. They have cordoned those they deem worthless into a over populated, over polluted, hellhole. With this nation at war they are selling off free men as slaves to fight and die like unwilling cattle. The Slums are ruled by a ruthless peer of the Grandee Judge Torrin, a man who is profiting from this secret slavery who is aware of are presence in this city. He knows of are plans to unite the gangs of this city into a thieves guild and he wants rid of it.

We want this man DEAD. With him taken down, the slums will be taken down, The Grandee will think us a myth and the Gangs will unite. However in order for this plan to work flawlessly the assassination needs to be public and not appear to be an assassination. You do this for us and you will be rewarded.

The Piquet


Samngliv Samngliv

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