Dragolin Fables: Tales of the 4th age

Raendir's diary

cabin fever

Raendir’s Diary
We had spent the night in a small port south of Dalbor and boarded a Dwarven trading vessel Firon had gained us passage on. The captain told us we were not permitted below decks with the crew and the other passengers (mostly merchants nothing of importance), our quarters were large enough and even included a desk. After checking my room, just like you always told me, I wandered back up to the deck and talked to the captain for most of the day. The rest of the group seemed to just laze about, apart from the dwarf (Silveraxe whom I’ve mentioned before) who I admire for approaching the captain and working on the ship (this one will be valuable if he can survive), but I followed the captain and have seemed to get onto his good side. That night we were invited to the captain’s table and we all dressed for the honor, the captain being the pirate he is got drunk and demanded to hear some sort of tale form our past, I listened to the groups tales which were mostly horse and keeping your teachings in mind told them a tale from my youth as an orphan and how the church chased me through the streets and how I eventually came into the church of Pelor as a clerical-magician. This gained me a jewel from the captain and an interesting look from the “human healer” we picked up at the forest camp (she is almost certainly a thief of some sort and I’d bet my spell book she’s half-elven even if she herself cannot see it, she takes our teaching’s and flourishes, you’d like this one) she may be romantically connected to the priest Korbin but I’m not sure when I know so shall you.
The next few days passed without event… a few islands to the south and a few trading ships passed by. During the Journey we encountered a group of Triron’s who were very aggressive due to pirates killing them and told us that many creatures of the deep were rising and becoming aggressive to protect the Triton’s. I managed to talk them down (the human soldier came with me, the idiot with the big mouth not the idiot with the animals, but I managed to interrupt him before he could offend them and wreck the whole thing) and even gained there respect, the general who led them even gave me a coral necklace and the thief defiantly smiled at me… I know you told me not to get too attached to the group but I can’t help myself, I promise I will try to push the attraction down but I’m not promising results. That night the captain in another drunken stupor wagered another gem on a contest of the magical variety. The elf used a spell to create a woman of lights and danced with her, the girl tried to do something with a floating chicken and some sort of song but it didn’t work properly, the cleric simply stood in the centre of the room and said impressed to the captain (the captain seemed honestly impressed) finally the illusionists travelling with us below deck stood up. Armatures by the looks of them it took 4 of them to conjure up a “ghost” who wailed unconvincingly and then left the stage…. Complete armatures, probably trained by some hack on a street corner. Now I know you’re going to complain about it but I took some precautions I had darkness up so no-one saw the trick but the captain and I managed to conjure up a howl to mask any other noises, it was only a few wolves and seahorses dancing about.… the idiot captain enjoyed it and I managed to get a pearl out of it.
Again not a lot of activity until we were attacked by a giant octopus… with some impressive tricks by the Dwarf involving a harpoon and some very dexterous moves for a Dwarf we managed to defeat the octopus. The next night the thief and I shared a glass of wine and she is defiantly not romantically attached to the cleric (she is definitely one to keep). Before the end of the journey we came across a wreck and naturally they wanted the party to investigate and I, Alathia and the elf went to the cargo hold hoping to find some decent plunder, in hindsight I should have taken a warrior with us but when I saw that chest waiting there in the water it was too easy to simply dive in and pull it out. As it turns out it was a trap from a Morkoth and it didn’t go well. Whatever the warriors were doing it must have been important as they didn’t even turn up to fight this beast of a creature and I woke up in my cabin with Alathia and some new bruises and cuts I didn’t have the other day. Were almost to Khait and ill check in at a later date.
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