Dragolin Fables: Tales of the 4th age

The Beginning of a Crusade

We set off from Dwine as early as everyone was up and ready. Unfortunately this was not as soon as I’d hoped; we did not leave till roughly mid day. Some of this team needs a serious discipline boost.

The first few days passed without a huge amount of interest. We travelled, getting to know each other slightly better through stories. At night our guardsman, Everius, offered to keep watch.

After a couple of days we ran into our first problem. We set the fire going, and set down to rest while Everius kept watch. It wasn’t long before he woke me with news of noises coming from a nearby shrub. We approached to investigate, when suddenly the whole group was surrounded by wolves! We readied our weapons, shouting to alert the others to the danger. We were victorious, with the aid of Fir’on and what appeared to be some mysterious magical trap. It turns out some of the group areā€¦ more useful in combat than others. After hitting our horse, I feel that Anya might need to have her darts confiscated.

We set off again the next morning, rested up after our unfortunate encounter. Another few uneventful days passed, until we came a small group of tents. There was smoke in the distance. While Bill was distracted by this, he unfortunately drove the cart into a small ditch. As the two of us jumped out to investigate, we saw a large spider. After agreeing to leave it alone, we heard a scream behind us. Everius charged into the spider, slicing it in two with his sword. I sighed. From a nearby hole emerged ten spiders, clearly enraged by this incident. We fought hard again, and were almost overwhelmed until an arrow flew across and struck the spider Bill was about to kill.

Alathia and Karbon, two healers from the camp, had overheard our plight and came to our aid. I thanked them, and we spoke of events preceding our journey. Eventually they were convinced to join us, possibly for selfish reasons such as personal gain. Either way, everyone agreed they would be a valuable asset to the ragtag team.

We soon came across the edge of the forest. It was not long into the darkness that we came across our first challenge. And, unsurprisingly, it came from within the group. We had to deal with the simple mind of our pig-farmer. After seeing what he thought was his beloved pig run across the road, he jumped out of the cart without a second thought. I doubt he’s had a second thought in his life. Bill unsuccessfully tried to restrain him, and in the end we had to bring him down with an arrow, courtesy of the helpful Alathia. After briefly tending his wounds, we continued down the road.

A couple of days passed when we came across a body in the road. I jumped down from the cart and was joined by Bill, and we told everyone to wait in the cart while we had a look. Of course listening to the voice of reason is too much to ask in a situation like this, and everyone promptly jumped down off the cart and proceeded to partake in silliness. Raendir and Alathia felt it was appropriate to climb up trees, Anya decided to run head first into a tree and everyone else decided to argue about what they wanted to do about this body. While trying to keep everyone under control, the so called ‘corpse’ had disappeared from the road, and was in fact climbing up into the driving seat of the cart. Shortly after we were pelted by arrows, and that was almost the end of our journey. Fortunately we are travelling with the experienced Fir’on, and survived once again, against the odds. Bill and I had to have severe words with Fir’on, however, after he tortured a bandit for information.

After a few more days uneventful travel, we arrived at the port. I told our newcomers that Fir’on had given us gold for joining the journey, and he agreed to give them 150 each if they found some coral for our sea journey. It apparently gives good luck at sea. I’ll stick to praying, I think. After Raendir helped acquire the coral, we prepared for the journey and met the captain of the ship we are travelling in. Bill, Anya, Alathia and the captain had a drinking competition. The captain won, of course. I watched over it to make sure my companions were alright.

And that brings me to the end of this journal. I’m currently in my cabin, trying to keep my illness at bay. I hope if I travel at sea again I’ll be more helpful.


I think this was well worth the weight, I found it really laugh out loud funny in some parts. :D

The Beginning of a Crusade
Samngliv son_of_the_kraken

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