Dragolin Fables: Tales of the 4th age

The Fourth Realm

The party loses another member, and learns much of their situation.

After getting through the horde of Troglodytes and Kobolds we made it down to the fourth level of the dungeon. A Daemon was found hidden in Tenser’s workshop on this level, it was quickly despatched thanks to the quick work of our holy priests. The students of magic quickly took to studying the journals and research notes scattered haphazardly around the desk as well as the various reagents on the alchemical workbench. Numerous facts regarding the River Styx, and it’s relation to this place, were found and the knowledge granted allowed the magic-friendly folk to explain the situation regarding the Dero and the Charonadaemon.

While the group bickered about the proper course of action to take given the circumstances the thieves [[:cery-felfur | Cery] and Maalik went in search of more valuable things than common books. In a nearby room they discovered not only a smithy but a vast array of chests and lockboxes, whilst the pair set about unlocking them all the rest of the party arrived to open the chests with the thieves.

The entire party lost consciousness upon lifting the lids of the chests, soon however Cery opened his normally piercing eyes to reveal dull dilated copies as he arose. Roaring unintelligably about injustice and being abandoned by the proud people he swung wildly at the fragile Anya bringing her low, luckily for her however as his arm rose to end her the powerful wizard Thaddeus thrust his hand at the assailant. Cery slouched slightly and looked upon his new opponent with confusion, his eyes remaining dull and unfocussed, before he could react further the wizard brought his other hand to bear and narrowed his elvish eyes at the thief who without warning arched his back as a mysterious Imp’s tail protruded through his chest. In the thieves final moments he grasped the Imp roughly and, reaching his crossbow from his belt, took aim at the Imp’s small temple, the now awoken party looked on in shock as the crossbow splinters in the betrayer’s hand and lodges the black tipped bolt deep in his wrist before he falls to the floor with an audible crack.

There is no reprieve for the party however as Maalik stabs the Imp through the chest as it tries to float away from it’s target. As it’s body is pierced Thaddeus’ face turns white and he falls to one knee, breathing heavily; Steve the Imp is no more. While the party blink sleep from their eyes and take stock of what has just occured the dwarf Bill Silveraxe‘s head lolls on his shoulders before righting and opening his now dull eyes. After fighting amongst each other watching a mysterious spirit clothed like a bandit with a cloak jump from one person to the next the warriors of "Ah’Nor":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/dragolin-fables/wikis/ah-nor-goddess-of-ancestry and Pelor combined to drive the creature from it’s newest host, that Maalik could pierce it’s soul with his Dwarven sword. As the spirit’s howls left the party’s ears all that remained was a black shard, taking it in his hand Maalik wrapped the shard in his fallen comrade’s cloak before hefting the body to his shoulder and slowly walking from the spirit’s old domain.

Seeking rest and peace once more the party saw to their wounds in Tenser’s workshop once more, thinking on the loss of one so new and so useful to their group.

Soon they were off, vengeance in the blood of some and new appreciation of life in others they soldiered onwards to the bridge. Boldly, Silveraxe walked through the smooth stonework archway bisecting the bridge, and abruptly collapsed before dropping to the pit below. As the party looked on a large box like creature of green slime slowly moved towards the death-like dwarf, moments before it would overtake and consume him however Bill jumps up and away from the beast. The party breath a sigh of relief at the safety of their friend, but the feeling is shortlived as an all too familiar looking spirit screams at the surprised dwarf. The spirit screams on and on “Drowned! Betrayed! Unfair!” as the more experienced members of the group realise that this creature is not the spirit they fought before but a variation thereof, dripping and black this creature attacks the party as fast as it may. Swinging wildly the party bring the spirit low and utilising their strategy of combined magic and faith they destroy yet another ghoul of the crypt they reside in, leaving another shard for Maalik to collect as the party retreats to the relative safety of Tenser’s small workshop.

The team has much to consider about the events that transpired.


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