Dragolin Fables: Tales of the 4th age



Make your peace, for the Dawn is rising…

I have offered the hand of peace and received naught. Thus, as High Inquisitor, It is with great sorrow that I must decree Ultimatum Solaris. Consider this a final warning. Those not implicated in the events leading up to the outbreak at Seining Point must evacuate the area immediately. The situation has now reached a level in which I must rectify the matter personally, and with all the haste and fury granted unto me by Pelor himself. Those others, who have showed a blatant disregard not only for the will of the Gods, but of the fabric of life itself, know that you will not escape my judgement. I offered you a chance for redemption, you need only have sought me out.
Pelor amaunator
Remember, The light of Pelor pierces all shadows.
You cannot hide.
You cannot Run.
My resolve blazes with a fire more furious than ever before.

The Purging flame (High Inquisitor of Pelor)


samngliv Mils

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