Dragolin Fables: Tales of the 4th age

Unto the Desert and the land of the Illusionist

Windows of Opportunity

On a fresh spring night in the town of Dwine, a young Dwarf from the east, ready for an adventurous world of trials, tales and treasure was biding his time behind the bar of an Inn. The Old Oak was quiet this particular night except for a single room booking.

As the hour of the booking closed, the regulars were joined by, a selection of strange travellers. Armed with both weapons, magic and religious tokens, the locals left earlier than normal, leaving the dwarf to serve the strangers until a hooded half elf appeared, gathered the group and lead them too the booked room.

From what he had gathered from the strangers as he served, they were to meet about a quest. Cautiously and curiously he pressed the mysterious, hooded half elf with questions about his business.

After a dismissive answer, merely stating he was here to hire help, the dwarf threw his services at the hooded stranger, realising his time to leave this town had come. Listening to the tale and resources the dwarf would bring, the stranger agreed to let the naïve dwarf enter his discussions and proposal.

Inside the room the strange selection of individuals had gathered. Next to the fire, sat a noble paladin and a powerful magician from the tower of Pelor.

By the table, two magicians sat conversing. One a human female and the other a male elf the sight of the two of them together could have easily frightened a few locals away with whispers of magic paranoia.

A well-dressed, noble warrior was sat next to the bar; his mighty claymore resting on the floor, a piglet examining the weapon. The piglet’s owner looked to be a local farmer. Still he was armed and looked to be handy in a fight.

The hooded stranger, calling for the group’s attention, explained the gathering travellers. The quest presented to the group came with a certainty of treasure and adventure that the dwarf was longing for. For each individual’s reasons, the other travellers agreed to travel to this treasure-lined tomb in the Khait Desert also; whether it be for gold, honour, or spreading the name of their lord.

With the generous payment of a hundred gold each, the evening was spent drinking, gambling and conversing with one another till the early hours of the next morning.

After informing the Inn owner of his immediate departure, the dwarf gathered his belongings and left for Port Dahlor with his new companions by his side with and the rising sun overhead. Ahead of them lay the fortune, glory and adventures that children would hear in stories for many an age.

Bill Silveraxe, Squid Slayer


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