Half-Elf Healer ...who's actually a Theif.


Level 4 Theif
Allignment: Neutral Evil

Weapons: +1 (to hit) short bow, Short Sword
Armour: Leather
AC: 2

Strength: 18 (24%)
Intelligence: 14
Wisdom: 13
Dexterity: 17
Constitution: 15
Charisma: 16



When her Human mother died in childbirth, her powerful Elven Father blamed Alathia and could never forgive her. Eventually he ordered that she be left in the woods, abandoned as a helpless young child. Luckily, fate smiled upon her as another child called Korben, seemingly the same age, found her and took her back to the Church where he was being raised. The Clerics there reluctantly took her in.

Without any magical or clerical abilities, she never fitted in at the church, or later on as a ‘healer’ in the war. She was only allowed to stay around because of Korben. She learnt non-magical ways of helping people get better, but spent a lot of time honing her skills to become a thief, with the ultimate goal of saving enough gold to allow her and Korben to escape their oppressed lives.
Growing up knowing only the true kindness of Korben, she never learned to look out for other people when it put her at any risk. She is not a particularly spiteful person, but she can be impulsive, especially when emotions are involved, and forget to think of the long-term effects to other people.

She gained no exclusively Elven physical traits, so she has grown up believing that she is a human, until, on their travels, the adventurers came across a Gypsy that revealed to Alathia her true race.

As soon as the opportunity arose for her and Korben to leave with a promise of gold, glory and adventure, she was sceptical, but extremely happy to oblige.


Having fallen deep in love with Raendir, she spent quite some time mourning after his gruesome death took place in front of her. She still keeps a few of his precious belongings close to her at all times as a reminder of their love.

The situations that the party has had to face have tested Alathia to her limits. Her fighting skills have developed tremendously, and she has gained trust and respect from other members of the party, as recently proved by being chosen by Vuranel to be the party’s Leftenant (along with Korben).

Although Alathia initially came along simply to get away from her past with the hope of gold, her desires have developed into a more pure thirst for adventure. She has grown to thoroughly enjoy the adrenaline rush of battle, although she will always be cautious, unless someone she particularly cares for is in danger.

Her practical skills have improved, but her social skills are still about the same; she is as brash and impudent as ever, almost always speaking her mind and regularly getting into arguments as a result. Regardless, Alathia has truly started to care for some members of the party, though it has taken a long time for her to get to this stage.

Personal Highlights:

One of Alathia’s proudest moments throughout the adventure has been her winning a tier 3 fight in the gladiator ring along with Vuranel and Everius Vulpi. Though she has never got on well with either of them, her experience in the stadium has resulted in her having a particular respect for them both as warriors. This was the same time that her and Raendir’s relationship became public knowledge, and she was very proud and happy to have him by her side.

Another of Alathia’s favourite parts of the party’s adventures was the week where Anya couldn’t speak. She thought it was blissful. Someone had done what Alathia thought of as totally reasonable and attacked Anya during her sleep, doing permanent damage and resulting in the loss of her voice box. If it wasn’t for the combination of the Sphinx’s earlier kindness towards Alathia and the knowledge that it cost Anya a lot of spells, she would have held a grudge against him for returning Anya’s voice to her.
The details of the crime are still a mystery to the party, but Alathia is just happy it gave her a week of peace.


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