Lawful good Deva Paladin




A fairly young Deva at 28. He joined the Paladin order of Balthazar after his parental Devas were destroyed by the undead. He trained himself in the martial skills he would need to one day become a hero, a knight of light, a bane of Death. As per his order’s instructions he is well versed in military tactics, husbandry and knows sparse details of the powerful evils he may have to face one day. However Alnarin has one weakness…Arachnaphobia.

Shortly after Alnarin’s 28th birthday the diviners of the Order sensed an evil presence in a small town. Alnarin was sent a long with a group of low ranking priests to ascertain the danger of this evil as the diviners did not believe it to yet be a threat. However on the way to this village they camped in a forest. Unfortunately they were beset by giant spiders during the night. Alnarin could only sit frozen in terror as one by one his companions were defeated and bundled off to the spider’s webs. Finally came his turn, as a paladin his natural resistance to poisons was substantial though not complete, therefore he was able to resist the liquifying effect of the spider’s venom. Instead it seemed he was doomed to die of starvation, trussed up in the web of the largest of the spiders.


Dragolin Fables: Tales of the 4th age samngliv Alnarin