Simply... She's a human, magic user and a bit of a coward.


Level 2 Magic User

Strength: 14
Intelligence: 18
Wisdom: 17
Dexterity: 18 (+3 -4)
Constitution: 16
Charisma: 18

Armour Class: 6
Hit Points: 6
Weapons: Horse Staff (D4)

Age: 33
Gender: Female
Height: 6 foot, 2 inches
Weight: 11st, 5lbs
Alignment: Neutral Evil

Dancing Lights
Detect Magic
Feather Fall
Find Familiar
Protection from Evil
Read Magic
Shocking Grasp
Magic Missile


Early Years

As the third child of a lower middle class family she was always spoiled so when she showed some promise of having magic her parents decided to send her to a university for magic, though it was slightly too expensive for their income. When she had left home she attended the magical university for Abjuration in Dwine, where she study for several years.

Her parents worked hard to raise the money to send her to university after noticing her gift as they felt that they needed to help her develop it, however as they could barely afford to pay the tuition fees Anya was unable to see her parents regularly as they did not live in Dwine themselves. Whilst at university she had very little money to spend on luxuries and so she barely went into Dwine, preferring to spend many hours studying or spending time with friends who also attended the university. This meant that she had little knowledge of the world outside the university however she built up her knowledge of magical history, the useful application of abjuration spells and she has an extensive knowledge on the various abjuration spells for magic users of various levels.

Living in the university has given her a very cushioned up bringing. She was surrounded by friends learning the same things she was and she has never faced mortal peril before. The most danger she had faced whist at university was being scolded by the headmaster because she and her friends threw an enlarged chicken out of the third floor window of the university mildly scaring and injuring a visitor walking below. Though the injury was said to be that of a bruised bottom.

Before the Adventure

She irregularly contacts her mother and father, sending them a letter every 2-3 months though before she left university they would write to her every two weeks. She visited them briefly after finishing university, but she could not move back home as they could not afford her keep. Their small holding is easily kept by her father as both her parents are currently still healthy. Not knowing where she would go she decided to stay in Dwine where she could stay with a friend for a few month and she could earn a small sum of money to pay for food whilst she looked for a better position.

She was in this position in her life when she met a stranger named Fir’on who offered her the prospect of joining him and a small group of other adventurers on a journey to some mysterious place that no. Though initially unwilling to leave Dwine behind she eventually decided that she had to take up his offer as the rewards would help her to survive in this strange new world.

The First Quest Begins

Now that she has begun to live life outside of the university she has started to experience a whole new world. The brave and strong adventurers which she travels with seem foreign to her as they happily face the dangers presented to them head on, therefore she finds many of the intimidating and has difficulty befriending them.

However there are a few of the party who she owes her life and therefore she holds these individuals in high regard. Korben a healer has helped repair her to health several times when she has been critically wounded and Raendir who rescued her several times when she was in desperate circumstances.

Though on the whole she wishes everyone well and has a good heart she managed to upset the only other female adventurer, Alathia (Raendir’s girlfriend). Having had some heated arguments and once being assaulted by her she is now very tentative around her, afraid of get into a fight. Though wishing to repair the rift which causes her much discomfort, Anya feels frightened and angry towards Alathia which is a continuation of friction between the two.

Then she’s discovered throwing darts and climbing trees is not her forte, but neither is staying conscious or out of trouble. She’s had food stolen from her by beggars; thrown a dart into a horses’s rear flank whilst attempting to ward off wolves; ran straight into a tree whilst attempting to climb it and after failing that got knocked out by a bandit, and that was all in the initial two weeks of being an adventurer.

Since then the party traveled across the sea by boat, and had to face several dangerous foes. The first being a giant octopus which grabbed the boat in its clutches, and since she had been trapped under a table by Bill Squid Slayer (a fellow adventurer)she was the last on the scene. After enlarging Bill she was swiftly knocked unconscious by the monster; however she did aid in fixing the boat…

Next the boat came across a shipwreck which the band of adventurers decided to investigate. On board half the team met a nymph, who after initially blinding a male crew member gave Squid Slayer a magical axe and bestowed the gift of sight onto the blind man. Then in a different part of the ship they met a Mokroth who was engaged in battle with the other team members. After a group decision to enlarge the Mokroth Anya found herself fighting for her life and her magic but thankfully made it with precious little life to spare. But the battle had severe consequences and Anya saw her first companion die which left her severally shaken.

But things did not get better, once back on dry land Anya was knocked unconscious by a member of her own team and had her money and orange robes stolen. When she came too she realised that they were gone and that she now owed money to a party member who had given her financial aid, but she had no way to repay him. This left her feeling rather homesick and depressed, and she distanced herself from the other members of the party. She came to realise that she didn’t enjoy the life of an adventurer, facing danger at every turn, she wanted to turn back and go home but carried on because she couldn’t go back, and even if she could there would be nothing to go back too.

After the death of one of the only party members she actually liked she continued to regress, becoming timid and withdrawn, barely even part of the party often fleeing at the first sign of trouble. She started to glorify her fallen comrade and began to pray to him for guidance, and she developed a great respect for heroic acts though she feels too weak aspire to this standard.

Deep down she is awed by the new creatures and place which they visit but in the desert of illusion this nearly lead to her down fall, as she believed that she had been caught in a sandstorm as she followed a peculiar creature but she was saved by Logan. Momentarily she found herself comparing Logan to her much missed dead companion but this was not to last.

The adventurers found a sight for holy pilgrimage which a sphinx guarded, she will always remember touching the moment when she touched the sphinx; the wonder of the moment will live on as one of the highlights of her time as an adventurer. One which was over all too quickly as they carried on with their journey to top of the mountain.

After being pushed in by Logan Anya found herself isolated for the majority of the time from the rest of the party, where a monkey abused her by covering her in poo.

Believing that Fir’on seeks powerful magic and understanding the danger this could be to the fabric of society she hopes to survive long enough to possibly protect the world and thwart Fir’on.

She’s got a lot to learn and she has got to learn it fast in this dangerous life she has decided to begin.


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