A Mysterious Dark Master of Necromancy


A dark cloaked figure with a mysterious and frightening shadow.

Armed with dark magic to resurrect the dead and curse the living. Leaves the mark of a burning green skull as his emblem.


This necromancer appeared first within the lands of the Hunting Lodge in Dour Forrest. With one great flash of light he managed to convert all the druids in the area into his flesh eating servants of the night reeking havoc on the land. Why he was here is uncertain however his plans coincided with a goblin invasion of the lodge. Perhaps his mastery and cunning reach further than just the undead.

The next citing of Cypher was within Seining point, kidnapping a party member. He willingly gave over his bargaining chip and rapidly left causing devastation to the party and leaving the kidnaped party member looking rather unwell. He vowed to the party to kill them all slowly, painfully and with no mercy.

However these citings were not of Cyphers true form, but were of a follower Murdock channeling the power of his master, the true lord Cypher.

Lord Cypher Nerull was a disciple of the god Nerull lord of the underworld. He was one of the necromantic kings of old and controlled great powers and enslaved even the most powerful of magical creatures within his dominion. His return to this land will only bring his reckoning and the return to a new necromantic rule to Dragolin.


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