Strength: 15
Intelligence: 12
Wisdom: 18
Dexterity: 12
Constitution: 18
Charisma: 14
Sex: Female
Class: Cleric
Alignment: Neutral Good
Beliefs: ??


Orphaned before she could remember, Elizabeth was found in the wilderness amongst her slain kin. She was found by, and taken in, by a magical cult who sensed greatness in her. She grew up within this cult relatively unaware of their motives and activities until she turned 12. On her 12th birthday the elders of the sect had been so impressed by her prowess in battle and loyalty to the cause of their Gods that she was to be trained as a cleric of their order and eventually given the opportunity to join the inner circle of the eight.
She trained for years in combat and magic with her new found family as well as aiding them on their countless raids in the forests. The cult would almost daily adventure into the forests and lands around their secret temple collecting new members or sacrifices from other adventuring parties and simply massacring those who would not follow. Theses adventures however would turn drastic for Elizabeth however as she proved herself time and time again in amazing feats of combat, diplomacy and merciless slaughter. The elders became worried as she began to become more and more pious and started questioning even the righteousness of the circle of the eight.

One day she received a special mission handed down directly from the eight; she would lead a team of their finest fighters in an attempt to kill a mighty war party sent to destroy the temple and the order. After a day of travel however, it became clear that her party had been sent with a different agenda. They were about to make camp in the woods and wait for the enemy party she was confronted by her comrades who came with a message from the eight. They believed she had become too involved with her works and had become too much of a threat to their rule that they no longer had place for her. At this point the others set upon her with the intent to kill or leave her wounded and alone in the wilderness. They had not quite realised the challenge they had taken on however and despite being amongst the finest fighters of the order they were no match for Elizabeth’s mace and she ensured that every one of them regretted trying to stop her.

Consumed with the rage of betrayal she stormed her way back to the temple. Upon returning she was confronted by all of the temple guards who had been fed rumours by the seemingly corrupt circle of eight and believed very much that she had fallen from piety. Not a single one landed a blow to her as she set about her furious revenge on the eight. She slaughtered her way into the temple cutting down any follower of this forsaken and corrupt cult that had wronged her so much. Nothing would stop her from reaching the inner temple and confront the eight.

She reached the doors to the room of the eight, dispatching with the two guards sworn to defend them only to find that the door was barred from inside. The knowledge that the eight were definitely present behind the door swept her into a rage and she pounded time and time again, over and over on the giant wooden doors, splintering and smashing them apart and forcing her way in. Consumed with the feelings of betrayal and the realisation that the order had been corrupted so much by these eight she did not halt her attack in the slightest to hear a single plea from the eight as she struck each of them down without mercy.
Standing within the destruction she had created in the temple, surrounded by those that she had considered family for so long she fell to her knees and prayed, not to the God she had known her whole life but to any God who would listen and cleanse her of the pain she felt. And in that moment there was indeed a visit by a God who took away the ill feelings that plagued Elizabeth on the proviso that she gave her life to the religion and lived a wholesome life. Elizabeth swore to this God that she would never be so easily led again and would never take an innocent life like the hundreds she had within the temple.

Accepting her newly found vows she set out into the world to find a party to join to do good for all races, and live a pious and good life. Maybe even to discover what really happened to her real family in the forest. This adventure took her to the town of Seining Point where Elizabeth joined a band of adventurers.


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