Everius Vulpi

A harsh and displinery Ex-Guardsmen of Dwine


Race: Human
Class: Fighter
Gender: Male
Appearance: Youthful
Alignment: Lawful Good
Deity: An’hor, Goddess of Ancestry
Strength: 18
Intelligence: 15
Wisdom: 8
Dexterity: 14
Constitution: 17
Charisma: 16


“Freedom is a Pathetic ideal, Peace and Order are Freedom”Everius’s harsh view on the world before religious submission

“As much as I try to deny it I am my Farther’s child so endearing to this religion is agreeable, I do swear on my heart, blood and honour” Everius after swearing loyalty to his new faith

Everius Vulpi grew under the thumb of a disciplinary farther who was originally part of the Grizzard Warlord nobility and never let go of this legacy even when they left there homeland. because of this Everius was raised by a harsh task master who taught him to value order, discipline and sound thought. When his farther was named Constable of Dwine he was further raised to respect the law and follow the natural order of the world and respect the law regardless of moral implications. Everius believes in following the law even if it is not always ‘fair’, training as a Guardsmen Apprentice under his farther in Dwine he did not shy from torture or execution of ‘petty theft’ criminals.

Living among the ruling merchant classes of Dwine he received a good education and knows elvish and gnomish, but despite this he maintains a narrow-minded black and white view of the world following the law and natural order. being narrow-minded and disciplinary, Everius is often blunt and harsh, if not down right cold to other people. but he will respect others so long as they follow the natural rules of the world, he is narrow-minded in a just and fair sense of what he believes. when he turned sixteen and reached maturity he branched out on his own to make his way in the world and escape his farther.

Everius had kept to his beliefs and coldness towards people, while at the same time avoiding acknowledging his warlord back ground. Since a dance with death and having to submit to a new religion of An’hor he is more and more bending to his warlord origin. He now is beginning to become more like his farther and humbling his personality while adopting the more honourable Grizland side of him.

Joining the Party in Dwine
Since joining the group on their quest Everius hasn’t really changed, he still acts like a Guard following a routine each day and just acting as a stand by fighter in the party. Often speaking his mind and using speech bluntly as he refers to people as what they are instead of by name. Everius tends to act slightly paranoid round others and in some situations progressing with caution, yet as warrior can only deal with situation with the use of a sword when diplomacy fails. Everius is also wary of magic and the supernatural, while not opposed he dislikes things which exceed the natural boundaries of the world. This is driven also by his lack of experience with magical forces.

Despite his mistrust and bouts of paranoia in some situations Everius has come to quietly respect the people of the party, even if they do not always match his ideals and doesn’t always if ever show it. Everius tends to dislike fool hearty actions and chaotic actions that cause large harm and problems for the party as a whole. Although he may not act like a nice person or a good person, ultimately Everius believes in doing what is right no more no less. Everius respects the Lawful and morally characters of the party like the Paladin Vurnael or the Dwarf Bill. he also tolerates those Chaotic since they act as morally right people and doesn’t involve himself in their actions which conflict with his beliefs.

First Adventures to Port Dalhore
Everius was pleased with the way in which the Bandits were shown no mercy. while at the port he met with the constable of Dalhore for reasons known to him. Everius followed his routine of sleeping well and keeping to himself.

  • Aboard the Iron Titan *
    Everius followed the same routine abroad the iron titan, passing the time by simply patrolling the main deck back and forth. when encountering the triteions or ‘fish people’ as Everius called them he went to see what diplomacy would lead too, it was here his blunt manner almost provoked them. He did well fighting the gaint squid and fought it tacticlly and calm cutting off three tenticles one by one that anchored it onto the ship. When encountering the Nympth in the ship wreck he left the creature alone despite it blinding one of the party and provoking him slightly, a time when his sound thought actually paid off. when the party was at the mercy of the markarp he manage to help save them, just as he had saved those that got trapped by the tenticels of the giant squid.

While in Easture
In Easture Fir’on brought a corrupt sherrif before them and Everius’s pride meant he refused to pay him leaving party members to pay for him. While in the market bizzar of Easture, His experince with the shifty practices of pick pockets and his general street smarts with merchants meant he avoided secumming to the cespits corrupt elements and walk away not ripped off. In the arena battle when greatly outnumbered by bandits fighting in the battle he managed to mow down several before falling. he was saved by the ‘healer’ half elf Alathia who put arrows in the others before they killed him, he was greatful for it. even if he kept it to himself.

Effects of the Shrine
While at he shrine and venturing in the joining dungeon and engaging with the nomads and monsters their Everius’s cavalier attitude only got him so far and eventually into trouble twice. After a plague of rats poisoned him and forced his hand, he swore allignece to the Ancestor religion of An’hor to avoid death at the hand of the desises. In a ‘prufication’ ritual he was adopted into the religion and it has altered him beyond purging the desise from him.

Everius Vulpi

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