Kraken son of Kraken

Dwarven Ranger/Cleric


Class: Ranger/Cleric
Gender: Male
Appearance: Young, dark hair and large beard
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Deity: The Drowned God

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Wisdom Charisma
18 16 18 17 15 4

Longbow, Hand Axe X2, Spear, Elven Sword, Daggers X2

Large Hawk, Wolf Pelt Cloak X2, Hide Armour, Hippogriff Gloves, Hunting Horn, Large Shield

2 weeks of rations, 28 pints of ale, Flask of Black Water, Bless Sea Water, Music Box, Flask of Lamp Oil, Pipe, 50 Feet of Rope,


Kraken is the second son of a second son. His father, the second son so customarily named Kraken, is the king of the iron isles in the very north of Dragolin. As the second prince of the iron isles his older brother will gain the throne when their father dies, Kraken will be taken into the fold of the church of the drowned god. To learn the ways of the drowned god Kraken travelled south through hostile land to seining point, were his uncle is spreading the faith. Kraken is extremely blunt and has no problem killing people, whether there useful or not, he spends a lot of his time hunting or fishing in the woods and sea around seining point and will do whatever it takes to get to his goals.
Born in the depths of winter on the winter solstice (21st WeeJast) he was believed to be blessed as a child and, although resisted it, his parents wanted him to become the high priest of the drowned god. Kraken resisted this and spent his young life raiding and fighting with his uncle Viserys (commander of the fleet) but had to give in the his father’s wishes and headed to Seining point to learn the ways of the drowned god from his uncle Olaf. He has always been a keen hunter (on the sea and raiding on Dwarvern lands) and has many times been ranging alone deep into enemy territory burning as he travels across the land making the land ready for his uncles raiders to sweep the land clean.
Kraken has always been a keen rider (not common with the iron islanders) and used it to his advantage whilst raiding deep into enemy lines. All of Krakens horses have been named Turisas in honor of the Drowned God.
After adventuring with a mixed group Kraken had a near-death experience and has decided to return home to his family and do his duty to The Drowned God and become a Drowned Man and eventually the High Priest. His Uncle Olaf restored him using power given to him by The Drowned God and Kraken is rearing to begin his training and become the most powerful priest the iron isles have ever seen and turn the tide in this war…

Kraken son of Kraken

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