Logan Kilgannon

Captain of the Guard

Strength Intelligence Wisdom Dexterity Constitution Charisma
18 95% +2 +5 15 15 18 +3 -4 17 +2 14

24 Hit Points
Lawful Neutral

Common, Common (South), Elvish, Dwarfish, Gnome, Orcish

Chainmail (AC5), Shield (-1AC), Longsword (1-8/1-12), Spear (1-6/1-8)


“It’s not Redemption from the God’s I need. The Gods need to redeem themselves from me. What use were the God’s when my family were slaughtered… When my wife and daughter were killed… I need no god’s for redemption.” – In response to a Paladin asking why Logan didn’t worship a God

Logan was raised by his family and became a strong and efficient warrior and the champion by the age of 20. He was feared among the other tribes and the mere mention of his name was enough to prevent war’s. He married a woman from his tribe named Layana and had a daughter called Nimeria. But whilst on a routine ranging with his brother to patrol the boarders a rival tribe attacked the Varangians (Logan’s tribe), killed the entire tribe and burned the village to the ground. When returning with his brother to the devastation of his village Logan broke down and swore vengeance on the rival tribe. Exacting vengeance on the tribe through a solo raid killing all the warriors in the tribe and leaving the women and children to fend for themselves he returned to his young brother and moved to the cities to forget his past and give a better future to his brother and his magical abilities.

Logan is currently 35 and a captain of merchants personal guard, his pay mostly goes to his brother and his magical studies. He has not needed to kill another man since the night with the rival tribe and he would only kill as a last resort or to protect his brother. The few people who know Logan are aware that he is still deeply troubled by the events of his past and is hoping his brother will be a better man than he is.

Logan Kilgannon

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