Lupe Blackpelt

Shifter Ranger

Strength Intelligence Wisdom Dexterity Constitution Charisma
13 16 13 18(+3) 17(+3) 9

Height: 6" Age: 23
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Deity: The Moon Godess

Quiver (1 score of arrows), Backpack, Composite Shortbow, Spear, Longsword, Knife, Leather Armour,


Born and shunned as a half breed he grew up with very little contact to the outside world under the tutelage of his mother who was a shaman of the moon goddess but after the death of his mother by a raiding party of bandits while he was out hunting, he lived alone and worked as a hunter and occasional guide to travellers in the swamps and forests of Jorgoss. His living in the forests and swamps of Jorgoss Lupe learnt to craft his own arrows out of the birds he brings down, the wood he collects and the arrowheads from bone and always having spare arrowheads just incase. He also makes his own spears with spearheads he buys from traders (carrying extras just incase) and making the shafts from wood he collects, firehardening the spears so they are as hard as anything a blacksmith can produce from iron. Lupe had his sword especially made to be a larger version of his mothers knife and is known to the people he trades with as a “cleft blade” due to its design, he even added a similar design to his spear and always keeps his mothers dagger close to his heart and close to hand.
Whilst alone in the deep of the forests he came across a lone shifter shaman who called himself the moon’s son and told him he should travel south the seining point and seek out the young witch who would stop the moon being destroyed by “the evil one” that prophesy spoke of and he should show the child the way of the moon goddess and protect her with his life. From the teachings of his mother Lupe understood that the shaman he met was Moon’s Son, the most powerful shifter shaman who ever walked under the grace of the moon but had died thousands of years ago. That night Lupe began his journey south to find the girl and guide her on her destiny.
Travelling south he became the guide for an adventuring group travelling south and planned to find the girl as soon as possible, usually stopping in villages asking about any girls with magical abilities.

Lupe Blackpelt

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