Maalik Darkfire


Strength Intelligence Wisdom Dexterity Constitution Charisma
18 (75%) +2 / +3 16 (5) 17 19 (+4/-5) 16 (+2) 16

AC: 2/1, HP: 23

Race: Drow (Dark Elf), Age: 118, Height: 61’, Weight: 95 pounds
+2 Magical Save, Infervision, no penelty for 2 weapons, 90% resistance to sleep and charm, only surprised 1/8.

Languages: Draconic, Theives Cant, Kobold, Undercommon, Silent Tongue, Elvish, Gnome, Halfling, Goblin, Hobgoblin, Orcish, Gnoll, Common, Dwarf, Common (south).

Spells: Dancing Lights, Faerie Fire, 5’ Darkness

Secret Doors: 1/6 Notice, 2/6 Search, 3/6 Portal.

Aprox Depth underground: 50%, Stonework traps: 50%, Sliding/Shifting walls: 1-4/6

Pick Pocket Open Locks Find/Remove Traps Move Silently
50% (+15) 40% (+20) 30% (+10) 35% (+15)
Hide in Shadows Hear Noise Climb Walls
35% (+15) 20% 85%

Weapon Proficiencies:
Crossbow, Sword, Garrot,

Scimitar X2 (1-8), Hand Crossbow (1-3/1-2) +Quiver (20), Studded Leather Armour (AC7), Garrot X2, Spiked Buckler
Belt, Cloak, Soft Boots, Belt Pouch X3, Backpack, Spare Clothes, Waterskin X2
4 Wolvesbane Sprigs, 5 Belladonna Sprigs,1 Month’s Iron Rations


Like most Drow Maalik was born in the underlands to his Priestess mother and alchemist father. Like all good drow children he was taught how to use weapons at a fairly young age and discovered a nack for fighting (especially with sword’s and daggers). When he grew a bit older Maalik needed a profession and with the misterious diseperence of the previous executioner Maalik was fortunate to fall right into a job. Very soon Maalik was in charge of a number of executioners for a large area of the underlands. It was at this point that the Raven found him and he’s never had more fun in his life he’s met (and killed) some very lovely people during his employment. Dont let his cheery dispositon or his dark sense of humor bother you he’s harmless really. Just watch your necks while your round him unless you plan on losing a bit of weight, trust me there is always a better way of losing weight than Maaliks way.

Maalik Darkfire

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