May Forester

Forester, Half-Elf, Theif

Current Exp: 1,045 – Next Level: 2,500

Strength – 14
Intelligence – 12
Wisdom – 13
Dexterity – 14
Constitution – 15
Charisma – 14

Race – Half-Elf
Age – 33 (young)
Skills – Forester
Chosen Weapons – Staff and Battle Axe
Hit Die – 6
Class – Thief
Alignment – Neutral Evil

30% Resistance to Sleeping Charms
(31% has to be thrown by attacker)

Speaks the common tongue, elvish, gnome, halfling, goblin, hobgoblin, orcish and gnoll.

See 60’ in darkness

Passing 10’ near to concealed door:
Chance of spotting (1 in 6)
Spotting Secret Doors (2 in 6)
Locating Concealed Doors (3 in 6)

Thief Abilities – Level 1
Pick Lock – 25%
Open Locks – 10%
Find/Remove Traps – 5%
Move Silently – 10%
Hide in Shadow – 10%
Detect Noise – 15%
Climb Walls – 60%
Read Language – 0%

The end of a broom (acting like a staff)
Axe (D8)
Dagger (D4)


Originally from a small village, on an island far apart from the main coast. Though in the past this was a quite island late pirates and slave traders have begun to work in the region and that’s where the story truly begins. May was taken captive with several other prisoners, two others from her island who she has grown up with and another unknown girl called Melisana.

Trying to break free from the ship seemed to be futile until one day there was an a loud crunch as the ship hit land but this was not seen by the captives in the hull of the boat, until Alex [to be cont’d]

May Forester

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