Naturan Dominia

DEAD Druid


Class: Druid
Level: 3
Hp: 20


Druid Robes
Studed leather armour
Spell stock


Naturan Dominia is a human man from the town of seening point. From an early age Naturan was keen to learn the ways of the druids and by the turning of his age he had been accepted into the druidic order of ). The order of Druids lived in what used to a small clearing in the woods 2 days trek from Seening point. Naturan spent two decades of his life devoted to nature and ensuring the survival of the druidic order of (). The druids did whatever they could to ensure the survival of the small clearing they had enhabited for centuries. However by the time the hunting lodge was built and the trading post established the people of sylbatc had lost almost all of their respect for the druids that inhabited the area. Naturan spent many of his years in the order studying under the Arch-druid. Naturan has a keen ability when it comes to animals and has been known to stave off many a harmful animal by using his abilities to speak with the animals to persudae them to leave. In small cases Naturan has been able to charm small mammals to be his pet and teach them tricks.

Once the druids began getting ill Naturan spent manhy hours nursing his peers and working with the healer. Naturan seemed to show no symptoms of the illness while the other druids became increasingly ill. Once they had all turned into flesh eating monsters, and the goblins had invaded the trading post. Naturan hid deep in the cave hidden away from the mindless flesh eating monsters. Naturan heard a big commotion a few days back and soon the monsters began to flee the cave in search of flesh. Naturan took this opportunity to flee the safety of his hiding place and go and search for help.

Naturan’s found a companion in a wild dog, he named this dog Beethoven.

Naturan Dominia

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