Half-Elven Illusionist


Age: 36, Male, Height: 5"7, Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Strength Intelligence Wisdom Dexterity Constitution Charisma
10 17 15 16 14 13

+1 to magical attacks
+1 to hit
-2 AC

2 weeks rations, Holy symbol (iron), Water Skin, Tinder Box, Staff, Robes


Raendir was orphaned as a young boy and was taken in by the church who noticed not only his clerical ability but also his magical ability. After many years in both magical and clerical schools and under many masters he has been told to grow his abilities through travelling and adventuring.
A quiet character he cares for himself as a priority but has quickly become to care for his fellow adventurers, and will try and protect them when his own safety will not be compromised. Although he cares for himself as a priority he quickly fell for his fellow adventurer Alathia but living in a church of Pelor, God of the Sun for so long he is sometimes uncomfortable with open affection and is unsure just how far down the rabbit hole this will go.
Raendir has a love for his surroundings and can often be seen scribbling in his notebook about the creatures he has encountered, he would also only ever harm the environment at a last resort and would still feel uncomfortable afterwards.

Raendir’s real Bio:
Raendir was trained by his father and mother in the illusionary arts from a young age. This was until his parents was killed by an inquisitor of Pelor. To avenge his father, who was killed only for his lack of knowledge of an evil illusionist whom his father once knew, Raendir decided to infiltrate the church using his illusionary powers to fool the clerics of Pelor into believing he was in fact a Cleric/magic-user and bring down the church from the inside. Whilst serving as an alter boy an illusionist noticed his ability’s and offered to teach the boy in the illusionary arts and develop his powers. After many years of only feeling hate towards the inquisition and Pelor Raendir allowed himself to love and Alathia worked her way into his heart. Before being killed Raendir bought a ring for her and was going to ask for her hand in marriage, he was simply waiting for the right time and place.


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