The Purging Flame

High Inquisitor of Pelor


Flowing white hair and beard adorn the scarred face of this stern man. Clad in Golden armour, but wrapped in a plain grey cloak, The Purging Flame walks in the shadow so that the rest of the world may bathe in Pelor’s light. No truth is obscured to him, for he knows Pelors light will pierce the darkness hiding the answers he seeks. Above all he despises necromancy and the abominations that are the undead, and will stop at nothing to ensure that these terrors do not harm good men and women.


Few people know the High Inquisitors true identity. It is said that he is one of the legendary heroes of Melford and was there at the founding of Tangssgym, that he was responsible for the downfall of the evil city of New kitsualt and its mighty Black Dragon, and has a burning hatred for Undead and all that practice the foul art of necromancy. Other rumors say that he founded the religion of the five and helped usher in the return of the Gods to Dragolin after their centuries-long isolation. All that is known for certain is that this man now serves Pelor with unwavering conviction and will stop at nothing in his cause for good.

As the High Inquisitor of Pelor, he is authorised to use whatever means necessary to defeat the forces of evil and purify the world in the Sun God’s name. This has earned him the moniker “The Purging Flame”.

The Purging Flame

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