Race: Goliath
Class: Fighter
Gender: Male
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Strength     Dexterity     Constitution     Intelligence     Wisdom     Charisma
18.89           18                     18                          8                            8                    5
Tough skin (natural leather armour, +2 ac)
Only able to use specially fitted armour
Can’t manipulate small objects
Able to use 2 handed weapons in one hand

Two-Handed Sword
Javelin x 16

Studded Leather
Large Shield
Belt of the Veteran (+2hp)

8 weeks rations
2 Piglets
Torch x 9
Water skin
Tinder box
Rope x 2
Leather working tools
Flask of Oil x 1
Mysterious dark green potion x 1



Tub came to Seining Point from the Thunder Mountains far to the west. There he was a member of a large tribe of Goliaths, the Esruoc Niam clan, struggling to survive day by day on the craggy slopes they called home.
The higher ridges were the territory of Giants of all kinds who would frequently send hunting parties downwards searching for food and sport. Unfortunately Tub’s tribe fit both of these criteria and despite being much taller and stronger than an average human were inferior to a Giant’s might. Goliaths had the added bonus of making perfect slaves for the naturally lazy Giants, perhaps a worse fate than those who were killed and eaten outright.
Tub grew tired of the constant skirmishes with these colossi, the endless labour scouring the rocks and peaks for food and the long days hunting mountain goats. It seemed a pointless existence living under such hardship and having to work to support the useless members of the tribe, the old, the sick and the young. Surely it is only fair that the strongest and fittest should thrive whilst those who can’t even take care of themselves shouldn’t hold them back?
Eventually Tub decided to abandon his tribe one night, heading down to the plains beneath the mountains he called home to seek adventure and, most importantly, fortune.


Dragolin Fables: Tales of the 4th age Samngliv Tub