Dense Pig owning Fighter


Armour Class: 2
|Strength| Wisdom| Dexterity| Constitution| Charisma| Intelligence|
18 (2)(3)51%| 14| 15 (-1AC)| 15 (+1hp) | 12| 9|
Life Points: 11

Name: Valten
Class: Fighter
Next Level
Level: 1

Age: 16
Gender: M
Height: 6’7”
Weight: 172lbs
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Interests: Adventuring, Pigs.
Personality: Brash, Headstrong. Dense as a post.
Languages: Common (Barely)


Living north of Dwyne Valten’s father owned and ran a pig farm, relatively small and after many years, failing to make ends meet. Luckily for the family however both warring cities, in an effort to cope with the rising death toll agreed to pay Valten’s father for burial rights underneath his land.

Growing up Valten saw death all around. But also life with his father’s pigs and Ruby, the one pig his father gave solely to him. These elements grew in Valten’s mind until shortly after his sixteenth birthday he excitedly asked his parents for permission to join Dwyne’s warring forces, but any dreams of valor were crushed as they gave him excuse after excuse not to go.

He’s pretty damn stupid though, once he gets an idea in his head he’s probably gonna go for it. So the next night he grabbed Ruby, some gear from one of the corpses along with a little wine and took off for the city. Ruby was very excited and that made him happy.

Now he had one wish to fulfil, one dream that could make his life better; talking to Ruby. So when he could get one wish, he took this opportunity and struck it hard. Now he is one with his pig, forever banished to the home city of the Djinn on the elemental plane of the air as a Djinn. He is one with Ruby but her story has only just begun…


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