Death Rock

A Necromantic Rock of Great Power


A powerful dark artefact gifted with the powers from the dark god Nerull himself. Any possessor of the artefact can possess the powers of necromancy. But at a cost. The sacrifice in exchange for this great power is to transform your closest companions into zombified sales of Nerull.


In the past of Seining Point their is a dark history of disease and famine. Healers and druids tried to cure the land of this curse which failed every time. The people of Seining Point became desperate as the one by one the villagers were taken by the dark powers and into the realms of the dead. Then out of nowhere Content Not Found: morgrim-1 and his brother came to the town and put their knowledge of Science and magic together to discover the source of the problem. The source of the problem came from the beneath the earth itself in the form of blackwater. They created an invention that filtered the ground and drained the land of this cursed disease. However in an unfortunate twist the filtration system refined the backwater into a super solid state that harnessed the pure essence of Nerull himself. The brothers claimed they could hear the very voice of Nerull himself within the Death Rock.

Death Rock

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