Dragolin Fables: Tales of the 4th age

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Some of the group


The Adventure So Far

The Prologue.

When an Eladrin Mage arrives at Seining Point claiming that the Trading Post nearby is under siege from a goblin horde a band of five fighters, two mages, two clerics, a thief and a ranger were assembled to go to the Post and clear it out.
The Son of the Dwarven Head Priest of the drowned god, Kraken, took charge of the group and moved everyone to his lodge. After a night of festivities, and cheese stealing, the group moved out and began their adventure.
The lodge was two days walking away and the group walked along a path. They did not get far before they encountered a Hippogriff, which the Goliath Fighter, Tub, chopped the head off of. After that, the party moved into the woods, attempting to avoid two giant eagles. Having done that they came across a spider’s lair. After a long scrap between the party and the spiders they found a number of Paladins wrapped in the spider’s webbing. Only one of the Paladins had survived and joined their team; feeling a life debt to the people who had saved him from the spiders.
Now their party consisted of 11 characters and they moved further along the path.
Finally, after three days of procrastinating and travelling, they reached the Trading Post.

The Trading Post.

Immediately the group began arguing about their first action. Espionage was agreed upon, but when the barn was found to contain ‘zombie-like’ creatures, the party began to argue again. Kraken and Kingsley, a guard from Seining Point, began to argue about the manner in which they should deal with them. Kraken insisted that simply burning the barn down would solve the issue, but Kingsley was adamant that the ‘zombies’ could still be saved.
When an agreement couldn’t be met, Kraken took matters into his own hands and, with Tub, set fire to the barn. As the barn began to burn, some of the group moved to the front of the barn, closing the doors and moving around towards the main Lodge building.
After a brief skirmish with some Goblins the group moved to a market building in the centre of town and bunkered down for a bit. Another skirmish occurred inside the building involving some very clumsy climbing goblins, and once that was taken care of the group moved back to the edges of the woods.
Whilst waiting in the woods a number of Gnomes disguised as Goblins ran from the Trading Post and fled past the group’s position. Four were killed and two stopped to talk with the party for a bit.
Unfortunately before any useful information could be gathered from the gnomes, Forsetti, the Dwarven Cleric, and Kingsley decided that the previous actions of Kraken were too unsuitable to allow him to continue to lead the party. They staged a coup against Kraken, pinning the Minotaur in fear of his alleged loyalty. After a stand off between the majority of the party and Kraken, who took Litila, a young human mage as his hostage, Litila casted Charm Person on him and Kraken came under her influence. Litila stepped away and the stand off faded away as the group decided to take care of the Lodge first and then resolve any issues about morality.
This time the group flanked to the other side of the Trading Post, to which they searched through a number of insubstantial buildings, fighting a small group of ‘zombies’.

The Assault on the Lodge

Now the group had a clear, well covered and short line of sight to an entrance into the Lodge. Sneaking tactics were the group’s first port of call, attempting to kill the guards at the door before they could warn anybody. Unfortunately, they missed and the goblins in the Lodge were warned.
Now they moved to Plan B. The Minotaur of the party hefted his giant crossbow and kicked down the door. When the shards of door had settled, the Minotaur fired his crossbow, knocking down three Goblins in one strike.
The fight inside the first room was disastrous and nearly cost a number of the party; Kraken, Tub, and the Minotaur all falling under the sheer strength of the goblin horde. However, before the party could be killed the leader of the goblins was killed. That caused confusion and panic amongst their ranks and they fled the fight, allowing the party to usher their wounded into the cellar below.
Fir’on, the half-Elven carpenter, found a secret door leading to a secret office into which they could hide and rest. Despite the goblin’s best efforts they could not find the party and they were given peace of mind for a moment, allowing some of their party to heal up.
When the party felt they were able to carry on with their mission they ventured out of the secret room and continued to search the Lodge. The party moved upstairs and began searching.
On the top floor their next challenge awaited. Kingsley and Seraphin began to search rooms in a methodological manner and opened the door at the end of a long corridor to find a Ghast awaiting them on the other side.
Kingsley and Seraphin retreated to the rest of the group who were readying a counter offensive against whatever followed the pair. The Ghast emerged with three Druid ‘zombies’ and hurried into an attack. The party fired their counter attack and those who used melee combat readied themselves.
The fight turned into a struggle for survival as Holly Tanner, a large Human fighter, was dealt a large amount of damage and fell to the Ghast’s influence. Kingsley also fell to its influence and as the tide seemed to be raging against the group Seraphin grabbed the Ghast’s face and cast Shocking Grasp on it. The beast combusted and its ashes fell to the floor.
Forsetti knelt next to his two comrades who were falling deeper into the realm of negative and evil energy, soon to become demons themselves. Forsetti travelled to the higher plains and prayed to his God to allow them to live, and to banish the evil from their bodies.
He succeeded and all of the party recovered; feeling joy at the realisation that they had survived the hardest battle of their careers so far.
They destroyed the Necromancy Shrine in the Ghast’s room and searched for clues as to what happened here. From what they were able to piece together from the two offices on the top floor, and an interview with a gnome, the Druids that lived in the cave near the Lodge had been rumoured to become extremely powerful and shut themselves away within the cave.
However, a man called Cypher and his client introduced a suspected chemical agent called Black Water into the Druid systems and they became ill. A healer called Morgrim, Litila’s uncle, arrived and for a while things got better but ultimately the Druids began to turn into the ‘zombie-like’ creatures that the party had been fighting since their arrival.
Whilst half of the party discovered this, the other half delved into the Marketplace to search for survivors. They found two gnomes who joined the half of the party who had remained in the lodge. After a further search, and the discovery that the ‘zombies’ were not restrained by anything but their masters keeping them within the cave by feeding them regularly, the Marketplace group returned and they left the Trading Post to return to Seining Point.

The Journey Back

The road back was much calmer than their previous attempt to travel between the two points. Only an Owlbear obstructed their path and that was easily dealt with by the party.
Now they have returned to Seining Point, where a bounty for the job is waiting and some mysterious deals are ready for them.

In Memory of those who did not return

This text is written as Biography of the events that occurred and may not be one hundred percent accurate.
It is created to mourn those who ventured into the howling dark and did not make it back.

Kraken ran as fast as his Dwarven legs could carry him with his travelling companion Forsetti as they hurried to reach their group.
“So the Minotaur and Kingsley are unconscious?” Forsetti asked.
“Yes, and fading fast,” Kraken responded. He and Forsetti hadn’t seen eye to eye but he needed the Cleric’s help if they were even going to give the pair a chance at survival.
They travelled up the masonry and ventured out into the town known as Seining Point. Kraken headed straight for the disaster area. Mere moments ago a Necromancer called Cypher had thrown a grenade of dark energy at them and nearly killed the Minotaur and the guard; Kingsley.
They rounded the corner and Kraken felt the dark energy still lingering. He saw their second Cleric tending to the Minotaur who was suffering from a sickness from the energy. In an instant Kraken could tell that it was too late.
The Minotaur threw up his head and screamed once more before dying. Kraken ran to Kingsley who looked away from their half-elven carpenter. He beckoned to Kraken. Kraken could see that it was too late; Kingsley would die just like the Minotaur had. It would be more merciful to kill Kingsley quickly than try to revive him. He drew out his single handed axe and readied to do what must be done for his ally.
“Kraken, come closer,” Kingsley said in a pained whisper. They had never truly gotten on but now in his dying moments, Kraken could not hate Kingsley. He had only been doing what he thought was right and Kraken could respect that. He leant down and nodded to the man, perhaps they could finally put their differences aside as he di…
“You’re a cunt.”
Kraken sighed and hefted his axe. He chopped down and cut off Kingsley’s head. He stood and saw the elf, two clerics and a fighter staring at him. Kraken shrugged.
“Mercy Killing, honest,” he said.

A fitting end to Kingsley and the Minotaur. They died doing what they loved:
Minotaur: making a lot of noise,
Kingsley: Pissing off Kraken.

Another Adventure Update

Account by Seraphin Cornia
It has been a while since there has been an update to our adventure. Our party has been somewhat preoccupied recently.
I shall try to summarise everything that has gone on since we came back to Seining Point.

Stanley’s Fall

Kraken, Elizabeth and I went to Stanley’s house to complete our mission and were about to sign the contract when I spotted something within the fine print that technically we owned the Hunting Lodge due to the fact that we had ran the Goblins out of the Lodge.
As such we demanded more from him, but that did not end well. Stanley also let slip that he wasn’t being entirely truthful about the goblin invasion. It was my opinion that he knew more than he was letting on. Unfortunately I didn’t have much of a chance to question him due to his Bodyguard taking Kraken out in one blow; not very encouraging for me.
As such we negotiated a fair deal and then left, under the apprehension that Stanley was working with Cypher to take down the Hunting Lodge.
I don’t believe that I can truly do justice to the plots that our party enacted, but it all stemmed from one phrase: We need to take care of Charles.
That was me. I know; slightly out of character, but there were legit reasons, something which I intend to inform the group of in the very near future.
So from here, our party split.
Kingsley, who was under the impression that we were going to kill Stanley, went to Stanley to warn him in the hope that the information could earn him respect from Stanley. He went missing though, so no one knew what had happened to him.
Forsetti and Litila went to inform the guards of the ‘plot’ to kill Stanley.
Kraken, Fir’on, Tub, and our Minotaur companion went to leave via boat in the knowledge that the guards would soon be after us.
I, on the other hand, took a more direct route of attack. I tracked Charles as he left Stanley’s house. The plan to use one of my spells to take him to the cliff and drop him off was so close to being complete. However, Forsetti saw Charles and tried to tell him of the ‘plot’ to assassinate Stanley. Only by my intervention is Forsetti still alive. Charles would have killed Forsetti had I not employed my Tenser’s Floating Disc to stop him. Yet despite the fact that I saved his life, Forsetti still tried to call me out to the Guards who arrived.
I had to stop my attempts at killing Charles here to run after Litila who had now run back to Stanley’s house under Forsetti’s orders. I managed to stop her as she reached for the door handle and we then enacted a plan to hear what Stanley was saying.
Turns out that he had sent Charles to get Cypher and was now muttering to himself about how our party knowing too much. But before we could hear any more, three guards arrived and asked for Stanley to come with them. Unfortunately for them, that was when Charles returned and pinned the three guards so that Cypher could force control over them.
Believe it or not, Litila and I ran away at that point.
I do not know exactly what happened to Forsetti, but as I returned to the Dwarven section I stepped out to see Fir’on and Kraken rowing towards the open portcullis as it closed on them. Their boat sank and they swam up to the shore.
As they swam back to shore, Forsetti arrived with the guards and attempted to arrest our entire party.
Before that could happen, the three guards who Litila had witnessed being attacked by Cypher turned up and told the other guards to let us go; an interesting turn of events to say the least.
As I rejoined our party I asked them to follow me and to return to Santley’s house where Cypher and Charles had most likely reconvened; and Kingsley was suspected to be. They followed; well almost every did. Let’s just say the Minotaur felt he owed Forsetti a quick slap.
We hurried to the house and found the trio leaving the house, walking away from us, with a sack in Charles’ arms. Our surprise attacks were met with a devastating blow from Charles to the Minotaur and Cypher grabbing Kingsley from the sack and holding a knife to his throat.
After Cypher suggested we drop our weapons by slicing the knife down Kingsley’s chest, he dropped Kingsley and threw a grenade of dark energy into our midst.
I did not see everything that happened, as my attention turned to protecting Litila from the blast. When I resurfaced, Stanley was down, Cypher and Charles were no where to be seen, the Minotaur and Kinglsey were dying from the negative effects of the Dark Energy, and most of our party were badly injured. I moved to Stanley immediately and tied him up, making sure that he could not get out.
Kraken ran into the Dwarven sector to retrieve Forsetti who was still unconscious in the Lodge.
I dragged Stanley into his house and began questioning him about the town, an old friend, and Cypher. I feel I should say now that whilst my methods may have seemed evil, I had no intentions of truly torturing him; it’s not really in my repertoire.
As Kraken and the others entered the house to continue the interrogation, I fell into a trance and contacted my Elders in the Feywild.

The New Recruits

As I returned to the real world, I found that the party had left with Stanley and I was alone. I searched through his papers but found nothing that shed any new light on the Black Water situation.
As I left the house, the rest returned and informed me about what had been occurring: Kingsley and the Minotaur had died, Stanley had been sacrificed to the Sea God that Kraken worshipped, and the burials had occurred for our fallen comrades.
The house was thoroughly searched whilst Litila and I called upon our magical abilities to bring us a Familiar; and Kaileena and Breela came into our lives.
Kaileena was my Screech Owl, a small, nimble owl who spent most of her time with Litila to be honest.
Breela was Litila’s Brownie who turned out to be more powerful than Litila, something I found very ironic to say the least.
Anyways, whilst we were sorting this out, I understand that Fir’on, Kraken and Tub came across a very heavy load of gold from the House. Lucky them.
Not long after that, I was contacted by a travelling witch who wished to join us. She revealed to me that she wished to learn of powers that were of a darker nature. A little caution was taken to her actions, but she seemed to want to help… How wrong we all were.
We also were contacted by a half-orc; Garug Bal, who was a survivor of a clan who were attacked by the retreating Goblins from the Hunting Lodge. He expressed a great deal of hatred towards Stanley and Cypher and wished to join us so that he could exact revenge upon the culprits of his family’s demise.
As a new unit we headed for the Lighthouse, under the assumption that Cypher would be the healer of the town; Murdoch. We searched the lower areas of the lighthouse and found a secret door that led to a series of caverns that held a number of cages and displays.
After a brief fight with a creature who was disguised as a chest, our party found a dungeon style cavern that was trapped and sent hordes of zombies after us.
We managed to hold off the zombies, taking a severe amount of damage in the process. After the fight, we sought refuge in a lower chamber and attempted to get some sleep.
Cypher was not willing to let us sleep easily though. Garug was on duty and after a quick word from Cypher, he was convinced that our inability to kill over nine hundred enemies at the Hunting Lodge had led to the death of his family. Kraken, being the kind hearted and empathetic person that he is, reposted this and began to argue with Garug; it turns out that Garug is quite the fighter when he needs to be.
Kraken nearly went down as Garug attempted to make him pay for his insensitive words. Fir’on managed to calm the situation and we had to retreat to the Lodge before Cypher turned any more of us against each other.
As we rested for the night, the new witch of our party snuck away and went to the lighthouse to see what she could learn from the library of necromancy books that Cypher possessed.
I am unsure of the events that transpired within the Library but the next morning we regrouped and I was beginning to show signs of the black water virus; something which was impossible due to the fact that I had been drinking from my own water supply.
Our Paladin used Detect Evil and we found a rock in her bag; a Death Rock.
Kraken acted quickly and shot her in the head. She died and my illness left; she was a fool to think she would get away with her actions.
I am tired now, I shall continue writing in a bit; trust me I have only just started.

Chance Of A Life Time

To all Adventurers of Dragolin

It would appear that I am in need of some professional assistance. An employee of mine has recently obtained some invaluable information pertaining to the location of a deceased mage’s hidden chambers. As you can imagine any number of wonders must lie forgotten in the ruins and you are of course welcome to take anything you find, however I would require those interested to locate a particular item of personal significance and return it to my associate. This task will require individuals who are experienced in dungeoneering and also combat. If interested, scribe your name below and my associate will locate you within a couple of days. I would like to stress that all individuals entering into this business arrangement are contractually bound, failure to complete the task at hand will have inevitable consequences. Success on the other hand will bring wealth, fame and glory and for all those who excel the promise of further oppurtunities in my service. I have the resources and power to open doors for you, particularly those which may have otherwise remained sealed.

May the Shadows eternally guide you

The Raven

Just 20the 20raven<

Applicants List Below

Notice from the High Inquisition

By The holy might of Pelor may this message be heard throughout the land

It has come to the attention of the Church of Pelor that an artifact of great evil power has been misused in the area of Seining point. Tales of undead hordes and foul necromantic curses have reached our ears. We understand that a foolhardy band of adventurers has been implicated in these activities. We also understand that they may be implicitly connected to said “incident”. As such it has warranted the attention of myself, the Purging Flame, to deal with this incident and establish exactly what has occurred. Pelor amaunatorThe Church of the Sun God take matters such as this very seriously and I would warn that anyone seen to be withholding knowledge will be dealt with swiftly and justly, and that the light of Pelor will pierce all shadows and reveal the truth to us.

May you forever walk in the light
The Purging Flame – High Inquisitor of Pelor



Make your peace, for the Dawn is rising…

I have offered the hand of peace and received naught. Thus, as High Inquisitor, It is with great sorrow that I must decree Ultimatum Solaris. Consider this a final warning. Those not implicated in the events leading up to the outbreak at Seining Point must evacuate the area immediately. The situation has now reached a level in which I must rectify the matter personally, and with all the haste and fury granted unto me by Pelor himself. Those others, who have showed a blatant disregard not only for the will of the Gods, but of the fabric of life itself, know that you will not escape my judgement. I offered you a chance for redemption, you need only have sought me out.
Pelor amaunator
Remember, The light of Pelor pierces all shadows.
You cannot hide.
You cannot Run.
My resolve blazes with a fire more furious than ever before.

The Purging flame (High Inquisitor of Pelor)

The Sanction of the Slums
To Controll with the Slums, Assassination is the only Solution

In the dank city of Dwine the mysterious faction of the Piquet have offered you a mission of great importance.

The city is ruled by a dark power-hungry house called the Grandee. A ruthless house of merchants who are obsessed with a lust for power and ignoring the freedom of the people in the process. They have cordoned those they deem worthless into a over populated, over polluted, hellhole. With this nation at war they are selling off free men as slaves to fight and die like unwilling cattle. The Slums are ruled by a ruthless peer of the Grandee Judge Torrin, a man who is profiting from this secret slavery who is aware of are presence in this city. He knows of are plans to unite the gangs of this city into a thieves guild and he wants rid of it.

We want this man DEAD. With him taken down, the slums will be taken down, The Grandee will think us a myth and the Gangs will unite. However in order for this plan to work flawlessly the assassination needs to be public and not appear to be an assassination. You do this for us and you will be rewarded.

The Piquet

At the end of a Chapter
The Final story of the Party of Seining Point

Pelor amaunator

An Extract from the Journal of Brother Straggle the High Inquisitor of Pelor

Dragoday 19th Yondar

Report Log Update

Inquisition: The Tragedy of Seining Point
Status: Ongoing
Inquisition Phase: Suspect Acquisition
Update of Record: New Suspect Evidence
Location: City of Dwine, Sylbatch, SW Dragolin

My Investigation into the necromantic crimes continues and it appears to have taken a rather unnerving turn. It intrigues me how within the small village of Seining Point a quite discomforting tale of countless horrors has begun. Horrors so great that the evil that might have escaped my grasp could instigate the path to an unyielding apocalyptic future, as foretold by the prophecy. I have eliminated this vile anxiety at the very heart and it power is weaning. However until I have eliminated all of the variables I cannot be certain that this evil has been overcome.

Within my findings I have quite often been reporting on what I have considered a side note to this investigation. With recent findings I understand now that this band of menfolk have been a major impact to the whole enquiry. Their meaning was clear, but their method was unwholesome. As mentioned they attempted to eliminate the problem and save their village, but within their ranks lay menfolk with twisted hearts of grey. Evidence has been found that many members of the party had evil intentions and even worshipped gods of an evil nature. All these members will be inquired, rectified and then sanctioned within the light of Pelor.

My college and friend the Wizard Drenches Tint has informed me of his encounters with the party and has revealed some interesting findings. Within their possession is an unholy and inherently powerful artifact formally named the “Death Rock”; an item powerful enough to turn any man into a demigod, if that man possesses the knowledge to unlock the power within. It is a danger to the great balance and must be sanctified before it is used for a great evil. Unfortunately my college believes that the fate of this rock should lie within the possession of a small 13-year-old girl; a child with the essence of prophesies surrounding her. A so-called “child of fate” possessing powers beyond her comprehension. After dealing with the problems of seining point it was my duty to continue my inquiry within the party of seining point.

I was too late. Before I could catch up with this brigand of menfolk, it seems that they have succumb to the loathsome morals of Dwine. My inquiries into their whereabouts within the city seemed troublesome at first, with their names only echoing rumors of thievery, murder and Rat-gnomes. However though my ways I got the name of a pub on the east side of town, Calzone’s Inn. A safe house that up until recently has been their place of rest. When I arrived the place was in ruin; the door broken off its hinges, beer kegs split in two, tables and chairs destroyed after seemingly being used as defenses and animals chewing at corpses on the floor as their blood seeps into the rotting wood below. The stench of a death and decay fill the quiet halls of the tavern. Based on the method of destruction it appeared that they thought that they were safe here. They were wrong. It seems that they made some very powerful enemies whilst being in Dwine; founded on their track record I am not surprised.

After spending the day investigating this crime scene, looking through the evidence, communing with those that have passed on many things have come to light. Through study of journals and diary’s of the party their actions have become more self-evident. With many criminals that inhabited the party there seems to have been a glimmer of hope that glows from Litilia. Her welfare was a priority of the party and the demise of the death rock was their key goal. However I fear that the death rock and the horrific actions that resided in seining point seem to have taken a greater toll on Litilia. Within her diary are records of horrific dreams of recent describing the severed elven head of a previous mentor screaming with the power of an orc.

Inquiring into the memories of what came to pass I believe that I have drawn some conclusions of the events that have conceded. The newest member of the party Theodore Dali has a reputable reputation of making enemies in high places creating a metaphorical loaded gun to be pulled at any time. All that was needed now was the trigger. When the rumors and stories of Seining Point came to Dwine with the talkative party that they are, it was only a matter of time that the wrong people got wind of the whereabouts of the death rock. With the consuming greed of power driving their enemies, Calzone’s inn was besieged and the final battle of their lives began. The events of the battle remain clouded, however its conclusion is clear. Both sides gained many losses to only result in the remainder of the party breaking and fleeing in all directions.

NOTE: According to thorough investigation it seems that an undisclosed party has previously tampered with the crime scene. It is uncertain to what avail however it seems that great intent has gone into the attempt of concealing information from my eyes.

I assume that within the battle most of the party remains dead. Most of the possessions that the party owns have been discarded here in attempts of haste and discretion. However it seems that the band have broken three ways. Theodore Dali seems to have retreated into the slums where he seems to be attempting to gain favor with the underground movement in the area. Fir’on however made a stand against Theodore and promised salvation through an unknown contact. Based on witnesses it seems that a fight between the two sides broke out over petty squabbles and loot. These fights went on though the night and the blood slashed into the street. However these matter are of no importance to my investigation. The importance of this party lays within Litilia, the child of fate. It seems she and she alone calmed the fighting for only a moment so that all could escape.

My college instructed he party to find Theodore for he is the only man who can get the rock out of Sylbatch unnoticed. My inquiry seems to have proved him right. Most of the party followed Theodore into the slums, where they have been sentenced to die. If my investigation is correct many of them remained within the slums, slowing down the enemy and only a few seemed to have escaped. Litilia, Elizabeth and Lupe Blackbelt fell through the cracks of the slums and are on their way to destroy the Death Rock. Litilia’s gift to the world still remains uncertain but it currently seems to be a blessing. In all my ways of scrying I seem to be unable to put a track on her whereabouts. Luckily our enemy’s will find the same.

From the evidence that precedes me it appears that my inquiry into the events of seining point are almost at a close. The Inquiry of this event has brought new threats to this land to my knowledge that need to be confessed to my superiors. Many people have not been brought to justice that needs to be reconciled, the knowledge of Kraken and the drowned god repulses me and the light of Pelor will be cast upon them. However there are many twists of fate and the fate of the death rock is for the moment out of my hands. I appear to see an impasse ahead that I cannot change. The end of a chapter is at hand and the fate of the world appears at the turn of a page.


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