Ah' Nor, Goddess of Ancestry

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This is a goddess devoted to man’s communion with and honoring of his dead ancestors. As such, this is a god of civilization and learning, even of courtesy.
The priests of this god keep the deeds of ancestors and heroes in the minds of the population. They commune with and honor the dead, and are also devoted to learning from them – not just reading their writings, but communicating with them magically even exploring alternate planes to understand the meaning of life and death.
They are also devoted to the protection of new generations, whom they teach to appreciate the previous generations of this race.

This priesthood places a high value on truth.
Priests of the god of ancestors hate the undead, regarding them as a mockery of true and noble death. These priests seek to eradicate the undead whenever encountered.

The priests believe that Ah’ Nor is an ancient god that guides life’s history thought those who have passed on. She guides the spirits of those she favors during life to Elysium where they will rest in eternal peace. Ah’ Nor brings the welcomed ancestors to Elysium through the ancestral spirits of old. Each spirit guide focuses on the welfare of a sub-section of life. Such as ancestors of a particular race, of a particular city, of a particular extended clan; all male ancestors, all female ancestors, all warrior ancestors, all scholar ancestors, etc. These spirits judge creatures passing from life through to death and guide them to the path beyond.

The priests of this god are on good terms with the priests of Birth/Children, Community, Divinity of Mankind, Fate/Destiny, Race, and Sites. The priests of this god dislike the priests of Disease.
These priests must teach new generations the value of veneration of ancestors, and are therefore also repositories of a lot of historical knowledge.
Missions: to investigate old mysteries, find out what really did happen to famous ancestors who disappeared or perished mysteriously, sort out the truth from old legends of the city’s heroes, etc.
Prophecy: Listening to the omens whispered by the dead.

Spheres of Influence Major Access to All, Astral, Creation, Divination, Guardian, Necromantic, Protection. Minor Access to Charm, Healing. This does not give the priest all the minor accesses to spheres indicated for a priest with Poor combat abilities, so he’ll also have some Granted Powers.

Ah' Nor, Goddess of Ancestry

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