Boccob, The Master of Magic

Boccob is believed to be one of the founding Gods of the realm and is the great keeper of magic. It is said that he wields the power of all knowledge contained in the Library of Infinite Arcanum. It is said that all those who honored their calling to their realm will one day be welcomed into the walls of the great Library once they have become part of the magical cosmos.

Boccob is the patron of magic in all its forms. He is the god responsible for teaching the most important spells and rituals to mortal mages. He is as beloved of mages as of any other class of characters.
Priests of this god, in addition to encouraging worship of the god, act as scholars of magic. They help preserve libraries of magical information and encourage correspondence and the exchange of ideas (and spells) Between mages.

It is said that Boccob has 8 children of magic:

  • Aburacone Son of Abjuration
  • Alteratio Daughter of Alteration
  • Ferstigon Daughter of Conjuration & Summoning
  • Incantatio Daughter of Enchantment & Charm
  • Kahit Son of Illusion
  • Invoc & Tionem Twin Sons of Invocation & Evocation
  • Mors Daughter of Necromancy

These children of magic are said to select mages of Tular to be their chosen. They guide the schools of magic across the planes and guard the rift at the gates of Annex. At the heart of the rift is believed to be an ancient city of pure magic. Myths say that the city holds the Key to the great library and great mages devote lifetimes toward discovering the hidden city. Only 12 Wizards have said to have ever returned from the great city.

The priests of this god are on good terms with the priests of Darkness & Night, Dawn, Elemental Forces, Fire, Healing, Light, Moon, Oracles/Prophecy, and Sun. This priest is close in aspect to mages, so the weapons per- mitted him are similar to those permitted to mages.

Alignment: The deity is true neutral. The priests may be neutral evil, true neutral, or neutral good: evil priests have their own sect and the other priests don’t have to tolerate them. The flock may be of any alignment.

Spheres of Influence: Major Access to All, Astral, Charm, Divination, Elemental, Healing, Protection, Summoning. Minor Access to Animal, Guardian, Necromantic, Plant, Sun, Weather. This priesthood has an extra major access, which helps make up for its reduced hit points.

Boccob, The Master of Magic

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