Faith of the Five

DesignallThe Great Five are a once great party that brought the world into a new age. With the gods abandoning the realm they rallied up the forces of good to unite under one banner and over through the necromantic forces that ruled the land. In this great age of war and malice they pulled through on faith alone and this faith grew in power bringing the once great five into a divine state of being to finally slay the power of the thaumaturgy dominion. To this day the men of this land still give their thanks to the great five. Even though their ideas of a unified land under great peace has been destroyed their ideals and philosophy of the divinity of mankind lives on in their name.

This religion is not a god, but a philosophy, and one so compelling that it generates magical energy which priests of the philosophy can tap like a true god’s priests are granted energies by the god.
This philosophy states that mankind (specifically, the human race, including half-elves reared among humans, but excluding dwarves, elves, gnomes, Halflings) is nearly a divine being, and should do as much as he can to achieve perfection – physical, mental, and emotional perfection, always and in all ways. The philosophy encourages men to strive for the physical ideal and to learn as much as possible of the world.
So that’s the idea that the priests . promote. They cooperate in all sorts of educational, artistic, and competitive enterprises, seek to council people in every aspect of living their lives, and provide sanctuaries for people to meditate on the priesthood’s teachings.

The teachings of the Five talk of eight founding philosophers who each wrote ancient scrolls on the philosophy of The Great Five and the virtues upon which they stood for. These scrolls are held in the golden citadel in the great library along with the Tomb of Humanity and the Five Texts

The Scrolls of Divinity
  1. Honestatis – Honesty’s Influence by Valen Kierkegaard
  2. Compassione – Affection, Compassion & Humanity by
  3. Virtute – Valor’s Morality by Richard Garriott
  4. Iustitia – Justice and Glory by Scorpio Socrates
  5. Honora – Nobility in Honor by Doran Plato
  6. Immolate – The Nature of Sacrifice by René Girard
  7. Spiritualitatis – Soulfulness of Spirituality by Adious Aristotle
  8. Humilitas – Humility the Root of all Virtue by Qian Xu

These Virtues are upheld by the followers of the religion as ways of life in honor for the sacrifice made by the Great Five. The priests of this philosophy are on good terms with the priests of Ancestors, Arts, Competition, Crafts, Literature/Poetry, Metalwork, Music/Dance, Good, Love, Race (Human),Strength, and Wisdom. The priests of this philosophy dislike the priests of Evil.

Alignment: The philosophy is true neutral. Priests may be lawful good or lawful neutral. The flock may be of any Good or Neutral alignment.

Duties of the Priest: Guidance, Marriage. Encouragement of the flock (and of mankind in general) always to improve itself spiritually and physically.

Spheres of Influence: Major Access to All, Charm, Healing. Minor Access to Combat, Creation, Divination, Protection. This priest- hood has two extra minor accesses and so will not have especially strong Granted Powers.

Faith of the Five

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