In Here Lies the Dead
May Their Spirits Choose Wiser
Or Else Here They Stay

Chapter 1

Generation 1 2015 – 2016


Killed by Kraken’s Axe

Death: 1st Nerumber 2015

Clumsy Man Now Dead
He Died Doing What He Loved
Calling Kraken a C*NT

Little Big Horn

Killed by Necromantic Skull Bomb

Death: 1st Nerumber 2015

Bull bleeding on Floor
The Last Thing He Sees is Red
Now He Has No Eyes


Killed by Marble Foot

Death: 25th Nerumber

Died By Arrogance
He Should Have Learned His Lesson
Stealing From God Now


Killed by the Charles Double Fist

Death: 6th Weejast

No One Asked His Name
Now His Face is a Smoothie
No One Will Know Now

Holly Tanner

Killed By Choice

Death: 7th Weejast

Downed To Death in tank
Cured the Water by Mistake
Saved Whole Village Though

Seraphin’s Owl

Killed by Stupidity

Death: 15th Nerumber

The Colonel’s New Meat
It Is Finger Licking Good
Now Comes Without Eyes

The Brownie

Killed By owner

Death: 24th Nerumber

Cutest Pet Their is
Until Sat on by Little Girl
Now Cutest Pancake

Seraphin Cornia

Killed by Inevitability

Death: 15th Weejast 2015

His Voice Was Magic
Then He Had His Throat Removed
Silence was Golden

Generation 2

The Necromancer Bitch

Killed by Kraken’s arrow

Death: 7th Nerumber

Consorts With Bad Guy
Begins to Create Evil
Wonders Why She Died


Death by association I’m afraid

Death: 2nd Weejast

Big Brother of Tub
Looked Far and Wide for Brother
Now He is With Him

Generation 3

Naturan Dominia

Killed by Skeleton Hoard

Death: 6th Weejast

Like the Druids Say
Never leave the Forest or Else!
He should have listened

Generation 4

Meiyo Ken

Killed by Rats

Death: 16th Weejast

Never seemed to work well
So it gave him up

Chapter 2

Generation 1 2016


Killed by Over Stretching his Limits

Death: 16th Nerumber

Patient Man Prepares
Careless Party Prepares Too
Ogres did not Care


Ascended to a Higher Form.

Death: Immortal in the realm of the Djinn.

If Ruby Could Talk
She Would Have Stopped Her Good Friend
Whose Wish Was Foolish


His knowledge was spread to one hundred others.

Death: Time Has No Meaning in the Crypt.

Searching For Knowledge
And The Great Powers In Time
Now Searching For BRAAIINNSSS


The Thief that had his own body stolen.

Death: When The Spider Queen Needed Him.

I Stole Whenever
But Did Not See, A Wraith Stole
My Body From Me


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