Great Tales

This is place of great stories, myth and legend. Taverns across the land hear countless rumours and stories that often seen quite absurd and stupid. Some tell of magnificent tales of things that seem too impossible to be true. Some lonely pubs just hear utter crap about idiotic people and others hear tales of great terror. This is a place where some of those tales get overheard and remembered for more to hear.

Tavern Tales

The Untouchable Thief

Alright, have you hear of the untouchable thief? This is a bloke that has been in countless battles and come out unscathed? This nimble fella seems to be invulnerable to any damage and has never gone down in any fight he as been in? I’ve been told that he is so cocky in battle that this tosser will be whittling away and crafting toys whilst you try and hit him. If i ever meet this guy i would pack a punch and see if he is fits up to his reputation.

The Squid Slayer

Hey mate did you ere of that squid slayer? I was their when it happened and it was magnificent. This is a dwarf to be reckoned with! When our ship was in peril he valiantly threw himself at this ginormous Squid thingy and broke his skull in two. Without another moments notice he just got back on the boat got back to work and never broke a sweat. It is said he has eyes blessed by the All-father that can gaze upon things no dwarf has ever seen. I just hope i can meet that fantastic bastard again.

The Inquisitor

Hey guys we should not be thinking of mugging that guy! why? because the Inquisitor will get you. They say he comes in the night when you least expect it and will lay his judgement onto you. Their is no use in hiding from him because he will always find you! He killed a whole village you know! They had a disease that he did not like and now their all gone. If i were you I would think twice about doing anything wrong or his Justice will rain down upon you.

The Raven

Their seems to be a new power in the land and he goes by the name The Raven_. People say that this guys runs the black market. He owns what you want. If you have want he wants then I feel sorry for you son because the next time you see your shadow it will be your last. No one knows what he looks like and no one knows where his nest lies. All that is known is that he is a ruthless pirate, a hardened assassin and a blackened bandit. Sightings all over Dragolin and many people have a desire to obtain this criminal lord. However if I wanted something done and had enough money. I would find a way to find him.

The Orc Pilgrimage

Sire, Sightings of several orc clans seem to be disappearing. The Orc population seems to be moving. Scouts report that they head west but none have discovered why? In interrogation the Orcs utter in their tongue the word of pilgrimage. In short the Orcs are leaving Dragolin, lets hope for good.

Great Tales

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