Gruumsh symbol2

Seek unceasing war against your enemies, and kill or enslave those who oppose you. Acquire territory and living space. Destroy elves, their homes, and their lands. Crush the dwarves and take their deep caves for your own. Be strong, and be prepared to show your strength at any moment. Showing weakness is the key to an early death. Those that are too weak to fight for your tribe should be put to the spear. The greatest gift that He Who Watches gave to the orcs was the ability to survive where the weaker races would die. Build your strength in these lands and use them to overrun your enemies. – Religious Dogma

Orc war priests wear a patch over one eye to symbolize their worship of the orc deity.4 They also dress in dark red vestments, armored with war helms and black plate mail. Gruumsh’s sacred animal is the giant rat, his holy day is the new moon, and he is worshiped in orcish lairs where blood is sacrificed to him monthly.

Gruumsh is the unblinking god of destruction who unleashes the savage multitudes against outposts of civilization. He is worshiped by orcs and half-orcs and has come to dominate some of the other savage humanoids as well. Gruumsh is a brutal god who loathes Corellon Larethian but denies that he lost an eye to the First of the Seldarine. Gruumsh tells his worshipers to do the following: ✦ Gather and breed, and your numbers shall flourish. ✦ Rise up in hordes and seize that which is rightfully yours. ✦ Raid. Kill. Conquer.

Faithful to Gruumsh are called Gruumans.

Though Gruumans maintain that their god was born with one eye, the eladrin assert that he lost an eye in combat with Corellon. The two divine powers have fought countless times, and they remain the bitterest of enemies.

Gruumsh is a god of conquest, driving his savage multitudes to expand their power by whatever brutal means they wish. His shamans advise chiefs and warmongers to raid, kill, and conquer.


Dragolin Fables: Tales of the 4th age Samngliv krautman