A Brief History of Dragolin

(a current work in progress)

The following is a brief recorded timeline of the history of the land of Dragolin in the order of development. Not much is known about the Forgotten Age as a lot of information dating back to those eras has long since been destroyed in the God Feared War. The eras of the forgotten age are remembered but only limited information is known regarding these chaotic times.

Heru Gorge Ohta (H.O.): The Forgotten Age

1. The Primordial Epoch

2. The Maelstrom Crusades

3. The Thaumaturge Dominion

4. The Rise of the Five

5. The God Feared War

Nosta En’ I Templa Mandu (T.M.): The Rift Age

Year Event
0 The End of the God Feared War
The Destruction of Dragalore
The Wakening Of The Rift
The Ascension of the Five
The Treaty of Dragalore forms the Great Dragolin Empire into an Alliance under an emergency syndicate
1 – 10 Peace Under the Rule of the Great Dragolin Empire
11 – 16 The Empirical Power Struggle
17 The Abolishment of the Empire
Haaver Claims Independence
The Creation of the Common Wealth
18 The Emancipation of the Kingdom of Merloin
30 The Union of the Great Grizalin Empire
41 The Formation of the Vilhelmi Empire
52 The Union of the Empire of Morgrim
104 Vilhelmi Empire Goes to War with Merloin
123 Morgrim Empire Goes to War with Vale
129 Grizalin Empire Allies With Merloin Empire
131 Morgrim Empire Allies With Vilhelmi Empire
135 Morgrim Empire wins war with Vale
136 Morgim Empire goes to war with Grizalin Empire
211 Kahit Claims Independence
230 Grizalin and Morgrim Empires declare neutrality
234 Vilhelmi – Morgrim Alliance ends
235 Grizalin – Merloin Alliance ends
272 Grizalin and Morgrim War ends
572 Vilhemi and Merloin declare Peace
900 Istne’ Pa wars with Vilhelmi
1056 The invasion of Ogunyil
1095 Treaty Of Ogunyil and Vilhelmi
Ogunyil becomes independent kingdom
1248 Magical Renaissance Begins
1556 Magical Renaissance Ends
1605 The Grizard black peaks plot
1626 The Grand Citadel of Haaver completed
1653 Grizalin Civil War begins
1673 Grizalin Civil War ends
1723 The Black Curse spreads
1792 Economic Market of Dragolin established
1832 First Morgrim Civil War
1841 End of First Mogrim Civil War
1874 The Black Curse ends
1882 Ogunyil declares war on Mogrim
1900 Vilhelmi declares war on Ogunyil
1914 Second Civil War of Mogrim
1925 End of Second Civil War of Mogrim
1935 Grizalin declares war on Ogunyil
Merloin declares war on Ogunyil
1940 Third Civil War of Mogrim
1949 Morgrim Empire Collapses
Kingdom of Sylbatch Established
Kingdom of Morgrim Established
Kingdom of Rindle Established
Kingdom of Lempi Established
Kingdom of Jargoss Established
1950 Ogunyil declares war on Jargoss
Mogrim declares war on Lempi
Mogrim declares war on Rindle
Mogrim declares war on Siylbatch
1951 Rindle declares war on Sylbatch
Lempi declares war on Sylbatch
1955 The Great Rift Implosion
1956 The Heavenly Silence
1975 The Magical Collapse
1990 Call of the Dragons
1993 The Spider War
1998 The Golden Alliance is Formed
Vilhelmi, Merloin, Grizzard & Kahit Ally
2001 Cry of the Gods
2006 Istne-Pa Allies with Ogunyill
2010 Collapse of the Grizalin Empire
Kingdom of Blackwall Established
Kingdom of Grizalin Established
Blackwall Declares War with Grizalin
2011 Blackwall and Ogunyil become Allies
2012 Merloin Vilhelmi and Grizalin become Allies
– predicted end of the world-
2013 Haaver Declares War on Blackwall & Grizalin
The Religious union is formed in Haaver
2014 Destruction of New Kitsualt
Underlands Uprising
Kingdom of Tangsgym declares independence
Peace is made between Haaver and Grizalin
2015 Peril at Seining Point
Rise of the Death King
2016 Year of the Orc


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