Kingdom of Illusion


Khait is a desert kingdom that borders around a great desert of Illusion,
The Imago Desert. It is an untamed land of the desert, the kingdom of Khait has never crowned a king and it is said that only the man who can tame the desert will be crowned. The desert is enchanted with a great power and is believed that the hallucinations can come true.


As there is no King or head of state, the land of Khait has no real ruler or laws other than the morals guided by the illusionists and folk of the desert. The state is guided by the will of the governors senate; the leaders of the five city states of Khait. However people believe that Khait is truly ruled over by the Illusionist university within the city of Khait. As myths and legends talk of a great illusionist, a chosen of Khait Son of Boccob who tamed the desert and wields the power of the great desert illusion. It is said that he is the true king of Khait and the only king who can bring Khait to a new prosperous future. However no one knows where he is or his real name, so in his stead the university guides the students and the governors in the ways of the grand illusionist.

As each city state quarrels over the desert the one thing that unifies the kingdom is the Trax-Pulvis gladiator tournament. A legendary combat challenge that fights across the five city states with a various leagues of challenge to bring about the five champions of Khait. These champions then fight to the death to bring honor to one City-state in the hidden combat city of Asis. A land of great legends, promise, wealth & glory known only onto those of great wealth or honor. Everyone is allowed to fight in the competitions but not many leave the arena.


A lot of things are still unknown about this land, and many mysteries are riddled within the heart of the desert.
A long time ago during the Age of the Five in the old lands before the kingdom of Khait, was a land of bounty and resource. The great wealth was well known all over which brought many to mine and harvest the land. Quickly wars began over the treasures of Khait and rapidly the land turned to desert as all of its resources were plucked clean. Greed and malice consumed the land as villainy stripped the land of its humanity. The whispers of the people broke into a cry as it is said that the gods themselves gazed upon their suffering and answered back.

It is here that Khait claims its name, at the height of their fiercest war it is said that it ended with the sudden appearance of a simple blur of a robed figure appeared on the battlefield and created an explosion of magic that stained the land and cursed the villainous warriors to tortures of their own imagination. People to this day speculate over the validity of this story but many believe that the figure was the demigod Khait himself laying claim to the land and proclaiming that only through unity will this nations great power be awarded.



The Harbour


The Sword

Khait (city)

The Head


The Soul


The Outpost

The Imago Desert

The Heart

  • The Mountain of Gul Barad


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