Pelor, God of the Sun

Pelor amaunator

Alignment: Neutral Good
Porfolio: The Sun, Light, Good, Healing, Time, Agriculture
Other names: The Shining One, The Sun Father

Pelor is one of the many Gods to return to Dragolin after their ages-long isolation. He has returned to a corrupt world where evil has been allowed to spread its shadowy tendrils unchecked. As such many have wholeheartedly embraced the light of Pelor and he has amassed a considerable clergy. Pelor is a benevolent diety and is known as the creator of much that is Good.

Pelor is a god of magic, healing, inspiration, and life, some- times of madness and heatstroke. He is an enemy of dark creatures, especially the undead.
The priesthood of this god exists to promote all those traits among the flock, and to celebrate the daily blessing that Pelor shines down upon the world.

Pelor’s clergy heal the sick, bless crops, help the needy, and destroy evil and the undead. They are caring and nurturing, with backbones of steel. The Pelorian priesthood attracts many naive youths to his service, but training is rigorous enough to send many of them back to their farms. Pelor’s elite priests are called Radiant Servants. Pelor’s favored weapon is the mace (heavy or light). Vestments are typically yellow or gold.

Pelor is a god of observation,of keen eyesight, of vigilance in general. Therefore, all his priests are commanded to keep their eyes open and learn as much as possible about what is going around them at all times. What they do with that knowledge, outside the
context of helping their temple and preserving the worship of the god,is up to them.

Pelor, God of the Sun

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