The Maelstrom Crusades

Chaos began to rule the land. All the forces of order were in peril and the harmony of the golden age had been shattered by overpowering forces. Deamons, Dragons, Devils and creatures of unimaginable terror held dominion over the land as forces of order and harmony cried out in pain for help.

The Demigods began to gain more and more power and began creating the plains in their own image. The gods felt powerless to stop them. Until the demigods began to distrust each other, and war began between the powers. The maelstrom began and forged more and more chaos. Suffering, pain and malice was all that these crusades brought.

The gods were desperate, Hatred amongst the gods was high and their creation was on the brink of destruction. Then they heard the creatures cry out in faith. Their plea was hope that someone would come to save them form the terror. This act of faith gave the gods strength to take on the chaos of the land and tame the planes once again.

The war was great and each side had many losses. The gods driven by faith and the creatures of chaos driven by wild magic. Each side became desperate and measures were taken to end the war once and for all. Each side sacrificed much power but it was all for naught. As the disciples of death marched from the spilt blood of those whose souls now belong to Nerull, God of the underworld.

The Maelstrom Crusades may have caused each side sacrifice much power. But they were tricked as each death gave more and more power to the realm of the dead. With this new power he forged seven disciples who took control of the land and at last life was a slave to death.

The Maelstrom Crusades finally were over; The Thaumaturge Dominion had begun.

The Maelstrom Crusades

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