The Melford Four

A group of unfamiliar adventurers with the weight of the world’s survival thrust upon their weary shoulders. Each with their own goals and past discretions, the land of Dragolin would watch as they heroically united together to combat the rising forces of evil and chaos that threatened to swallow the known world.

Lord Earl Dahl
Mistress Tiaan-Liise Thents
Drenches Tint, Wizard of Annex
Mynas Straggle, Inquisitor of Pelor

Early on in their careers it is told that the Melford Four famously prevented invading armies led by an upstart Wizard from capturing and destroying the town of Melford and that is why they are so named. Seeking to prevent further disruption the party travelled swiftly to the city of Great Grizalin, where they reunited the King with his son. Unfortunately, quick to judge and looking for somebody to blame, the party were charged with the kidnapping of the Prince of Grizalin. Fleeing the city, the heroes were reunited with one another. However an old evil had stirred, a formidable yet crazed magic wielding swordsman, Blacklutch. After failing to claim the soul of Drenches Tint, Blacklutch had found a new willing host and in this new body he brutally slaughtered the unsuspecting worshippers of the Oracle. All knowledge of the Melford Four seem to disappear at this point and the party are not recorded to have been seen again for a number of years, most presumed they had perished in the treacherous Tombs of Dahl.

The next recorded sightings are of the party entering the Port of Gygax, a couple of years later. However only three of the heroes were located on board the vessel, Cinder Thents it seemed had met her end. The party claimed to have liberated a number of citizens from the Underland city of Kitsualt, after the eruption of chaos and disruption at the hands of a monstrous dragon of undeath. Grizalin records show that the remaining three companions were immediately arrested and transported to the capital to stand trial. After a dramatic and lengthy court session the heroes were cleared of all charges and in an unpredictable twist of events, Earl Tansggym is proclaimed as the true heir of Lord Dahl and granted his own lands and lordship. From here the records detail a long but triumphant journey back to the town of Melford, now the Providence of Tansggym.

After returning safely to Melford, it appears Mynas Straggle took his leave of the party, some say a personal pilgrimage of sorts, others hypothesize a fall from his God’s grace. All that is certain is that the hero of Melford is not recorded to have been seen by mortal eyes for five years after his departure.

After celebrating the glorious return home, construction work begins and Lord Earl Dahl wrestles with his new position of power. Solving problems without the immediate aid of his sword arm, proves difficult but Earl’s heart has swollen with love for his people. Not long passes however before outside forces attempt to take back what they believe is rightfully theirs, armies of men charge on the walls of Melford. Underestimated tactically the attackers are repelled, however it becomes quickly apparent that the battle itself was simply a diversion. At the Shrine to the north, a powerful renegade Arch-mage forces his way into the long forgotten caverns, said to be the resting place of Saint Antanoo himself.

A few days later Lord Earl Tangssgym emerges from the underground caverns and returns to take his rightful seat upon the throne of Melford. It is known that the renegade was slain and that the wizard Drenches Tint had taken his leave on the wings of magic. Reports reveal Drenches Tints arrival in Great Grizalin, his short stay in the Court Wizard’s Tower and then his swift departure south on horseback.


“It is said that whilst traveling through the Underlands the party were attacked by an acid spewing adult black dragon. The Melford Four fought valiantly and managed to dispatch the monstrous beast, severing it’s head as a reminder of their deed. The head itself is rumored to hang above the fireplace in one of the taverns within the City of Melford.”

The Melford Four

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