Year Day Month Event


Day Month Event
16th Green Flash in the sky over the Hunting Lodge, Seraphin Cornia Witnesses the Incident at the lodge
18th Seraphin Cornia arrives at Seining point, Emergancy Council Summoned, Kraken son of Kraken Forms Party
19th Encountered Hippogriff, Escaped from Eagles, Encountered Spiders, Alnarin joined the party, Set off for the Lodge
20th Wear Boars
21st Arrive at Hunting Lodge
22nd Burnt Down Stables
23rd Locked Into Shop
24th Burnt Down Shop, Civil Revolt
25th Entered the Slaughter House & Working Huts
26th Invading the Lodge
27th Discover Goblins have run away from lodge
28th Return to Seining point
31st Claim Reward, Plot to Kill Stanley, Kingsley gets Kidnapped
1st Kingsley Dies, LBH Dies, Stanley Dies, Murdock Escapes, Disease Begins In Village
3rd Garug Bal Joins Party
5th Enter into Healers Lighthouse
7th Death Rock Acquired, Necromancer underling Killed
8th Village Council Summoned, Naturan Dominia joins Party
9th Dwarvern section closed off, Secret entrance to the Lighthouse discovered
15th Battled Hydra, Seraphin’s Owl Dies, Mechanic Hired,
16th Saddled up Convoy
17th Druid Cave Encounter
19th Encountered Trent
20th Met Enchantress
21st Bandit Encounter, Recruited Bandit
22nd Caravan Encounter
24th Dead Brownie and Horses
25th Tub Died
29th The Filter was Constructed
30th Journey on Ship Kraken
2nd Nub Joined the Party
6th Murdock Died, Church collapsed, Nub Dies, Alnarin Dies, Naturan Dominia Dies
7th Kraken retires, Olaf sails away, Party Journeys into the Dungeon, Holly Dies, Party Captured
8th Fir’on rescues the party, New party formed
12th Orc raiding party pledge elegance to Garug Bal
14th Encountered Cypher
15th Seraphin Cornia Died
16th Forsetti and Garug Bal Leave the Party, Meiyo Ken Dies
18th Journey back to Seining Point
23rd Encounter with the villagers
25th Elvish encounter
28th Return to Seining Point
29th Meeting withDrenches C. R. Tint
30th Journey to the Hunting Lodge


4th Arrive at Hunting Lodge
5th Party Rests
4th Notice from the High Inquisition
5th Leave for Dwine
20th Arrive at Dwine
21st Encounter Habu Hazeem, Theodor Dali & Butler Steve (aka Adam)
22nd Chance Of A Life Time, Hob Meets with Illusionist tower
23rd New Party Formed, base of operations in Calzones tavern, Hob Illusionist presentation
24th Museum Heist Plan Formed, steak out museum
25th Butler Steve infiltrates museum staff
26th Theodor Dali & Litilia wander around the rich district, Theodor crosses Felix Silverhand
27th Theodor Dali duels Felix Silverhand and loses
28th Party Rests, Theodor Dali recovers
20th Heist atFelix Silverhand establishment
21st Encounter the Piquet, Propose slums mission
25th Museum Heist, Deliver Package to Faux, Lay Low
19th The Disband
24th Party Union
31st Additions to the party, Arrival at the Coast
1st Set Sail for Kahit, Party Member left Behind
14th Journey to Easture, Death in the party
21st Docked at Easture, new party members
23rd The prophecy
24th Death of Raendir
6th Arrival at Cark
7th Rescue of Alton, Theft of the Cart, Party Reshuffle
8th Journey into the Desert
15th The Mirage
16th Arrival at foot of Mount Fea-Lema, Discovery of the Sphinx
17th Journey up the mountain
20th Arrival at the Tower
21st Death in the party


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