Underlands History

Deep under the lands of Triune in the very heart of Dragolin lies the caverns and catacombs of the Underlands. During the times of the The Rise of the Five the forces of evil were driven back and locked away underneath the ground away from the places of light. However it was here that the Underlands were forged. The forces of evil grew larger and larger as they dug deeper and deeper where it is said in the darkest regions of underlands they dug straight down into the surface of the Abyss. It is here where the forces of evil rebelled and The God Feared War begun.

To this day it is said that no one has ever reached the very edges of the underlands, and great power still resides down where no one dares to go. As the forces of light inherit the earth, the armies of darkness lie in the shadows growing and massing. The doors are unlocking and the creatures are escaping while the underlands exist no one is safe.

The great catacombs are still very much undiscovered, however the dwarves have obtained some history of the darkness where the Drow sleep.


The Dragolin Under-lands
Xukuth The Heartlands
Dwen’ilstar Dwarf Reign
Elghinyrr Dead Sight
Orbb’hyrr Spider’s Tomb
Roesor Sorrow’s Peak
Morn’lo Furnace
Menvis Kyorl Crossing Guard


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