Dragolin Fables: Tales of the 4th age

In Memory of those who did not return

This text is written as Biography of the events that occurred and may not be one hundred percent accurate.
It is created to mourn those who ventured into the howling dark and did not make it back.

Kraken ran as fast as his Dwarven legs could carry him with his travelling companion Forsetti as they hurried to reach their group.
“So the Minotaur and Kingsley are unconscious?” Forsetti asked.
“Yes, and fading fast,” Kraken responded. He and Forsetti hadn’t seen eye to eye but he needed the Cleric’s help if they were even going to give the pair a chance at survival.
They travelled up the masonry and ventured out into the town known as Seining Point. Kraken headed straight for the disaster area. Mere moments ago a Necromancer called Cypher had thrown a grenade of dark energy at them and nearly killed the Minotaur and the guard; Kingsley.
They rounded the corner and Kraken felt the dark energy still lingering. He saw their second Cleric tending to the Minotaur who was suffering from a sickness from the energy. In an instant Kraken could tell that it was too late.
The Minotaur threw up his head and screamed once more before dying. Kraken ran to Kingsley who looked away from their half-elven carpenter. He beckoned to Kraken. Kraken could see that it was too late; Kingsley would die just like the Minotaur had. It would be more merciful to kill Kingsley quickly than try to revive him. He drew out his single handed axe and readied to do what must be done for his ally.
“Kraken, come closer,” Kingsley said in a pained whisper. They had never truly gotten on but now in his dying moments, Kraken could not hate Kingsley. He had only been doing what he thought was right and Kraken could respect that. He leant down and nodded to the man, perhaps they could finally put their differences aside as he di…
“You’re a cunt.”
Kraken sighed and hefted his axe. He chopped down and cut off Kingsley’s head. He stood and saw the elf, two clerics and a fighter staring at him. Kraken shrugged.
“Mercy Killing, honest,” he said.

A fitting end to Kingsley and the Minotaur. They died doing what they loved:
Minotaur: making a lot of noise,
Kingsley: Pissing off Kraken.


Samngliv Tattewill

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