Bill Silveraxe, Squid Slayer

A young dwarf setting off on an adventure to see the world


Level 4 Fighter
Allignment: Lawful Good
Exp: Many!
Hp: More than you can shake a stick at!
AC: 2

Strength 18
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 14
Dexterity 17
Constitution 18
Charisma 14

Weapons: Battle Axe, and a Magical Hand/Throwing Axe +2 (Boomarang ability)
Armour: Chain
Special Items: Golden, Chalice, Ivory and Silver Locket containing Nymph hair, Platinum Belt (worn like Chewbacca’s bandoleer)



As part of a large family, Bill decided from an early age that he wanted to explore the world he inhabited and not stay in the mountains his family and kin resided in. After his 60th birthday he left his family and the safety of the mountains to head east towards the busy town of Dwine.

To earn his keep in Dwine and learn about the local area and people he decided to work in a local pub. Practicly taking over a pub whose owner drunk more than he sold, Bill transformed the Inn into a succesful business.

After working at the pub for a few months and learning about the world he had joined from the regulars a mysterious half-elf named Fir’on and a group of travellers held a meeting in one of the pubs bookable rooms. Eavsdropping a few conversations, Bill learnt of the quest Fir’on proposed to the travellers and hastily asked to join the group on their travels. After being accepted and paying for an evenings worth of drinks they set off for the desert across the sea the following morning.

Squid Slayer

Whilst travelling across the sea to the desert of the illusionist aboard the Dwarven vessel ‘The Iron Titan’ Bill earned his his reputation as the well named Squid Slayer. Inheriting his new name and title by feats of bravery and almost madness Bill slay the giant octopus attacking the vessel by jumping ship and attacking the creatures head with his mighty axe. The dwarves aboard the ship instantly granted his title and legend


Squid Slayers favoured throwing axe, Namouri is the name he calls to return the weapon from an opponents body to his hand. Granted to him by a Water Nymph (the same Nymph’s hair that can be seen in the silver locket around his neck) she granted him the weapon after his immunity to her self-defensive magic and not losing his sight like his other companion.

Bill Silveraxe, Squid Slayer

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