Garug Bal


Race: Half-Orc
Class: Fighter
Gender: Male
Allignment: Neutral Evil
Beliefs: Gruumsh One-Eye (He who never sleeps, He who watches)

Strength: 18 (83%)
Intelligence: 17
Wisdom: 12
Dexterity: 14
Constitution: 18
Charisma: 6

Hit points: 24
Armour class: 3

Two-handed sword
2x Spear


Garug was born and raised amidst his clan in the forests south of Blackwall. As a member of the clan war party he fought alongside his brothers on countless raids in the name of Gruumsh with the intent of securing the Orcs a place in a world of war and ever changing dynamics. Life in the clan was fast paced and rewarding enough for Garug and he had dreams of one day taking on the challenge of taking over as leader. This dream was however shattered not too long ago…

The camp in the forest was attacked suddenly and seemingly out of nowhere by, by far, the largest organised army of goblins they had seen, with three tribes under its banner. Returning from a midnight raid Garug and a handful of his brothers found the camp already under attack and seemingly on the back heel. Eager to save their friends and family trapped within, they quickly rushed into the fray of battle cutting down as many as stood in their path. Soon however it seemed they were the only ones left with no hope of even reaching Garug’s hut to establish the fate of his family. As the Goblins focused all efforts on this last cohort of fighters Garug had no option but call to his brothers to retreat. Beaten and broken they wandered the woods, Garug filled with thoughts of revenge and hatred. He knew that the Goblins could not have organised themselves without help and quickly concluded that greater powers were at work. Taking lead of his now five strong clan he retraced the ravaged steps of the Goblin horde back to a hunting lodge.

Upon entering the lodge the party were set upon a number of times by undead looking creatures with the flesh rotting from their body, consumed by hunger. They seemed to be wandering aimlessly and particularly in front of a cave entrance from which they seemed to have been baited. Before reaching the lodge itself, two of his war party were overwhelmed by these creatures and killed before the Garug and the others could dispatch with them. The hunting lodge revealed a previoulsy discovered paper trail implicating a gnome called Stanley from Seining Point and a character known as Sipher. The three remaining brothers took and oath there in the lodge that in the name of Gruumsh and for the honour of their clan they would not stop their quest for revenge until they took their final breath.

The logical place to start this trail of vengeful wrath was with the Gnome at Seining Point. Of the fighting so far though, nothing compared to the two days of solid travel between the lodge ad Seining Point. It seemed that the Gods did not favour the party and within hours of setting off Garug’s two only remaining battle brothers and indeed the last remnants of his clan were killed by wereboar. Killing these four beasts in a beserk of rage Garug proceeded to carve his way through the wilderness attacked almost hourly by an absurd array of creatures. Spurred on however by the things he had seen done to his kin back in the forests and the strength and dedication of his brothers in vengence he found his strength and it seemed nothing could stop him from reaching this Gnome and tearing him apart piece by piece until he found information on Sipher.

Upon reaching Seining Point and at the point of collapse Garug had to to rest for almost a day at the tavern. His time spent there gave him valuable insight into his quest with the tavern alive with the rumors of a party of adventurers who had saved the hunting lodge and who, not only fought openly in the streets on a regular basis but became the centres of assassination scandals and were seen often breaking into buildings and harrassing shop keepers. This made them all too easy to find and when they were mentioned alongside Stanleys name, Garug knew that he must find them and get what information he could.

In the Dwarven sector of the city it was harder to track the party with the hatred felt for Orcs there however upon finding an entering the tavern, Garug saw two characters that fit the descriptions of member of this war party. He confronted them, asking for information on Stanley and Sipher. As well as valuable information on Stanley and the lodge, the two also suggested a local man was linked to the name Sipher, if not actually Sipher himself. They then told Garug of their plans to confront and possibly kill this man and asked if he would be interested in joining. They suggested he was a powerful sorcerer and without a clan this seemed like the only way Garub could achieve his revenge and honour his family so he joined up. Little did any of them know how events would unfold….

Garug Bal

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